Chapter Five - An Offer They Can't RefuseMature

It was a beautiful morning on Starfish Island. Ricardo Diaz rose from a lie in and struggled into his clothes. He told himself over and over that it was going to be a good day. Even after being informed about the death of Gonzalez and subsequently destroying every bit of expensive china in his longue, he still had to remind himself he was the biggest and most powerful man in Vice City.

There was a flaw in that power, however. The Cubans were still in the employ of Victor Vance and his gang. Diaz grew angry at how Leo Teal was easily foiled by the SWAT team and left Victor to escape. Victor was the only man who stood between him and total dominion. His next plan was to wipe out the Streetwannabes on Prawn Island but they were going to have to wait. The outcry between the Vance and Forelli mobs didn’t explode like he hoped it would. Instead, Victor seemed to retreat, making it harder to track him. Lance however, was easily spotted around town. Diaz debated whether to kill him or not but then decided it would be pointless. That would provoke an assault even Diaz was unsure of defending against.

Diaz instructed his live-in cook to prepare him a breakfast feast. It was to be a big day; his assassin Leo Teal was done for and he couldn’t even recover the money or the drugs. Plus, he had no idea if the Forelli’s men survived or not apart from Ken Rosenberg who scuttled back to his cocaine-ridden office.

With the rumours running wild about Victor Vance, he decided to take action.  After finishing his large, three course breakfast, he gathered some of his men and relayed his plans. Only the most loyal would know of his intentions.

“Gentlemen, I gather you all here because I have a job for you” Diaz began loudly. He looked around at the men who gathered. All of them stood tall, looking threatening behind mirrored sunglasses and maroon Hawaiian shirts. Some were dickheads, but they knew how to handle their pistols. “I’ve decided to expand my empire. I’m planning to purchase the film studios on Prawn Island as well as the surrounding properties. The whole Island will be under my control.”

His men looked apprehensively at each other. They never had much problem with the Streetwannabes, but having them so close to their operations could certainly throw a spanner in the works.

“Uh, boss? I think the Streetwannabes would take issue to that...” Said one of his men who faltered under Diaz’s gaze.

To everyone’s surprise, he laughed before answering. “Don’t you worry about those assholes. I’ll make sure they play ball or I’ll have their fucking heads cut off! We may need their assistance in the future.”

Diaz picked up his heavy phone and called up his contact. The deal with Steve Scott was as good as done; plus, his old friend El Burro would be getting a call soon enough. Diaz looked at all his men. “We’ll also be using the film studio as a new source of income. So get your fucking asses down there and make sure none of the Streetwannabes try any funny shit.”

They left a second after. Diaz rubbed his hands together, optimistic for the first time in days.


Author’s Note: Last of the major POD’s before things head into new territory! Due to the premature death of Gonzalez, being unable to kill Victor and being unable to garner the money and the drugs from the deal, Diaz decides to spread his influence in other ways. He buys the film studio instead of Tommy who buys it later on in the original timeline (any get the GTA 3 reference?).

Plus, he plans to form an uneasy partnership with the Streetwannabes. In the original timeline, they were involved with the selling of the stolen drugs of the original bust. Due to Victor surviving, he cannot work with the Cubans due to their allegiance to Victor’s gang. Wonder how this pans out, as in the original timeline he hires Tommy to wipe out their most prominent members due to the Streetwannabes taking a small cut of his profit!

So far, he’s unaware of Tommy Vercetti. His rivalry is with Victor which means Cortez is a casual observer for now.

Last chapter before the real action starts. Sorry! I had to lay the foundations before the blood, bullets and improbable explosions began!

The End

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