Chapter Four - Messing With The ManMature

Tommy Vercetti ran with purpose as he was pursued by Jack Blake. He cleared the car park and ran out onto the lone path opposite the ocean. Many people parted as the two men thundered past.

“Stop, police!” Yelled Jack. Tommy ignored him; launching himself past a group of surfers who fell aside from the sheer force. However, Jack darted to the side through the large bushes and, as Tommy almost made it to the bridge, lunged at him knocking him onto his back. Without a moment’s hesitation, Jack cuffed him and allowed himself a laugh. It’s about time he had a win.

“I don’t have anything fancy to say. But, fuck it, I don’t need to say anything at all”.

“I didn’t do it, officer” said Tommy lazily. Evidently, the man had a good lawyer if he was that nonplussed.

“I’m bringing you in” Jack said, as he hauled Tommy back to his Cheetah. Upon arriving to his car, he threw Tommy in the one side and pulled himself into the other.

They drove for ten minutes before Jack broke the silence. He was deciding on how to approach the subject of the drug deal. Tommy appeared to be a complete hardass.

“So, you were at the Vance and Forelli meet. Care to elaborate?” He began, slowing the Cheetah slightly.

“I’m not saying anything without my lawyer” Tommy replied simply.

“Whatever you say, big man. How about I knock your teeth out? Then your lawyer can talk for you”

“I’m not saying anything without my lawyer” Tommy repeated, tonelessly.

Jack sighed and pulled up by the Washington Mall. At this rate, Tommy would be getting a slap on the wrist and then he’d probably disappear with nothing but a minor mark on his Vice City record. Even being the Harwood Butcher wouldn’t warrant him any special attention here. Jack decided to take a different route with Tommy.

“You did a deal with The Vance Crime Family. Admittedly, I may have scuppered that...” He looked at Tommy but there was no reaction on that stern face. “If you can give me some information on them then I may be able to let you go”

Tommy shifted in his seat uncomfortably. He turned to Jack, his face devoid of emotion.

“I’m not ratting anyone out. I’ll wait for my lawyer”

“Bear in mind, with me and my team appearing and ruining the deal, I’m pretty sure all parties involved are going to look for a scapegoat”

Tommy shifted again. Not out of nervousness, rather there was an anger bubbling under his calm exterior.

“I’m guessing your pay masters aren’t too pleased you left your cut. And I sure as Hell know Victor Vance is going to blame the one guy who managed to escape unscathed. Although, I’m sure his kindness in the past will shine on that”

Tommy finally looked at Jack. Something stirred in his mind.

“You’re not just any cop, are you?”

Jack continued. “If you can help me out anyway you can, I can take down the Vance Family finally. They rule Little Havana with an iron fist and I reckon they’re going to spread their influence Downtown. With all the corrupt politicians and yuppie types, they’d be crazy not to”

“What’s in it for me?” Asked Tommy. He seemed interested now.

“What do you want?” Jack said with a bitter taste in his mouth. Making deals with criminals was not something he was fond of. But, with the impotence of the police force, he had no choice. Plus, his own captain encouraged it after the arrest of Gonzalez.

Tommy cleared his throat. “Protection. I have no faith in my lawyer or the damn company he keeps. I was dropped into this town and now I’m going to be hunted because you and those other assholes messed up that deal.” Despite knowing the inherent risks of working with a cop, Tommy felt he had no choice. It was either this or an Italian American death.

“Who do you believe is going to whack you? Just the Vance family?”

“Just some pricks from up north” Tommy looked out the window onto the street. It was going to be a long, long two months, he thought as Jack restarted his Cheetah and sped off into the sunshine.


Author’s Note: As with the butterflies at Cortez’s party, Tommy being caught by Jack Blake certainly is new territory for him. Tommy feels he has no choice; considering the Forelli mob (a big and powerful family in ’86) can easily have him whacked. Unlike in the original timeline where he develops important contacts, Tommy is essentially powerless at this point. No empire, no connections, nothing. The Cubans are in the Vance Family’s corner and Cortez is yet to be introduced to Tommy.

Although it seems out of character as Tommy appears to be an amoral psychopath, he does understand loyalty and doesn’t possess a huge ego. After spending those years in the dock, can you blame him for wanting to stay out of jail?

The fact that Tommy pretty much works for Jack Blake now butterflies his involvement with Cortez. That includes the missions he undertakes for him.

At the moment, to recap, Victor Vance wishes to begin a takeover of Downtown, Cortez is hoping to distance himself from the drugs bust and his suspicious of Jack Blake and Tommy is now under the protection of Jack Blake.

Diaz has yet to play his card but he’ll be covered very shortly.

The End

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