Chapter Three - Guardian Angel?Mature

Victor Vance surveyed his home in the rundown area of Little Havana. It was a humble house; a little utilitarian but he was always out and about protecting his assets. Since he broke into the heroin market however, he was able to hire his own men and exert his enviable influence. Perhaps now he could finally buy the home of his dreams and finally reap his rewards.
Speaking of which, throwing Lance in rehab was a smart move; with a clear mind he was able to keep ahead with all the rumours and leads this city had to offer. Since the dissolution of the Mendez Brothers, Victor lived with relative ease. Only Diaz, Cortez and the burgeoning Haiti Gang posed any threat. The police less so.

However, the failed drugs bust with the Forelli’s lingered in his mind like a bad bruise. He was assured there’d be nothing to worry about... so why did a SWAT team come crashing in during the pivotal moment? That cop Jack Blake seemed to have an irritating habit of being where the action is. Plenty of times in the past he had cracked down on his assets and he even closed down the lucrative loan sharking business after an undercover sting. Despite costing him millions, Victor couldn’t help be impressed. Being a former military man, he found it hard to fully dislike someone so dedicated to their work.

But still, something had to be done. He couldn’t have his businesses be tampered with.

“Hey brother, what’s shakin’?” Came a familiar voice. Lance was striding towards him in his new, striking white suit. One episode of Miami Vice and they’re all at it, thought Victor.

“Hello Lance. Is everything settled at Downtown?” Victor was all business. The biker’s had always trudged back to their old stomping grounds by Ammunation. If they didn’t keep on top of them, they’d see an inch and take a mile.

Lance nodded, smiling. He knew Victor was unaware of his deal with Mitch Baker; an exchange of money to stop the attacks of their old turf. The waste of manpower and time made it difficult to keep track of their other assets. Plus, his brother seemed to relish in the role of kingpin. This newfound ego unsettled Lance; he always remembered his brother to be level-headed.

“Good” Continued Victor. “I think next we sort out the issues involving our little Forelli incident”

Lance tilted his head and frowned. He too, wanted to know what happened. But he worried they may bite off more than they can chew.

“Well” Began Lance with a heavy sigh. “We both know Cortez set up the deal, right? And then that Gonzalez guy meets his end in that police station. Maybe he had something to do with it?”

Victor considered Lance for a moment. “I thought Gonzalez was our ally?”

“Wake up, Victor!” Snapped Lance suddenly. “Word on the street is that he’s been feeding Diaz information for months. Now he’s gone, Diaz is going to be spreading his influence thanks to the information he now has”

Victor stood stoic. “However, we all lost out. The police have all the money and the H. But... at least we know who our enemies are now”

“So what do we do now, brother?” Lance asked expectantly.

“Leave it to me” said Victor coldly. “I’ll go ahead with my plans for Downtown and then we’ll see”

Lance nodded and left. Once again, his brother had shunted him out of something they could have down together. Even though he’d been clean for six months, he was still treated like an accident waiting to happen.

“Damn you Victor” Lance said, under his breath. Heading for his Infernus, Lance decided to head out for a drive.


Author's Note: As per Vice City Stories, the Vance Family still holds good relations with the Cubans, which with their own power and influence, means they have the stranglehold on Little Havana. The Haitians are considered a minor gang at this point. However, Victor Vance plans to spread his influence into Downtown as to avoid any conflict with the growing Haiti Gang. Victor has no qualms with starting a war with Mitch Baker’s bikers however.

Victor himself has become more battle-hardened and cynical since the events of 1984. Now, he’s all about business and thus, his previous moral stance has declined greatly. Lance is wary however; without Victor’s death to spur him onto revenge, he remains remarkably level-headed. Sobriety no doubt helped.

One final thing: in the original timeline, the Vance Crime Family was dissolved due to the duo leaving Vice City. In this altered timeline, their brother Pete dies an early death which causes them to remain in Vice City. This, in turn causes a darker personality change in Victor which will become more apparent in future chapters. I left out this detail in the prologue due to the darkness of such an event being a bad opening to an action story.

The End

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