Chapter One - Changing HandsMature

As Tommy Vercetti dropped off Ken Rosenberg on his way to Ocean Drive, Jack Blake headed to his precinct in Vice Point. Yet again, in his case against Victor Vance another lead came up dead. He turned past the luxury condos and cursed the current administration. If their department had the funding and a decent amount of officers, then they’d have taken down Victor years ago. The Vance Families had been sloppy though lucky particularly in 1984. The destruction of the Trailer Park Mafia had first alerted them to the bastards. Sadly, since the near-miss of arresting Victor’s brother Lance, things had not improved.

His thoughts also moved to that of the man in the Hawaiian shirt. A search of the Liberty crime database revealed him as The Harwood Butcher; Tommy Vercetti.

Tommy Vercetti was a notorious fixture of Liberty City’s Forelli Family but why he was in Vice City was a mystery. Perhaps the family wish to expand to Vice, thought. But, according to rumours, the Forelli’s were being cannibalized by the Leone’s and the Sindacco’s; though the Forelli’s were still the most powerful. Regardless, it seemed it would only lead to gang war considering the mass empires of the Vance and Diaz crime families.

“More work for me then” sighed Jack as he pulled into the station’s car park. The Gonzalez bust was the only thing his department had to cheer about and thus, perhaps get a lead on Cortez. Diplomatic immunity or not, he was going to bust someone.


Juan Cortez sat portside and considered the sun as it set into the ocean. A brilliant shade of ochre spilled across the passing waves; the fading sunlight almost danced with the diamond sparkles. He pushed away his meal; he had lost his appetite since the news of the failed deal between the Vance and Forelli families. Not once, in any of his organized deals, had he ever had to deal with a snitch before. The SWAT team were not there simply by coincidence.

Gonzalez, he thought. He had long suspected of his treachery though he knew little of his outside dealings. His recent arrest at the Malibu was a major blow to his operation; Gonzalez had long stopped being useful but rather his insider knowledge could seriously damage any future dealings. One name kept coming up during his enquiries: Ricardo Diaz. However, any further exploration of such an ‘ally’ might be detrimental to his growing power and influence on Vice City.

The US Government knowing of any future deals would be unacceptable, he thought. The sun was sinking deeper into the horizon now; the ochre darkening into deep indigo. After a moment of consideration, he called over one of his bodyguards. He was going to make sure Gonzalez was silenced one way or another.


Tommy Vercetti put his foot down as his admiral sped down Ocean View. The last two hours felt like a bad nightmare; he could still picture the creeping men garbed in black and the SWAT team. His confusion soon turned to anger. Sonny Forelli wasn’t going to accept the deal had gone to shit.

He dropped off Ken Rosenberg early on; his only link in this city who was an ambulance chasing, paranoid cocaine hound. Maybe he could set up some contacts so they could start sorting out this mess. God knows, he couldn’t return to Liberty now; not with the Harwood incident still hanging over his head.

Not long after, he was ascending the staircase in Ocean View Hotel. Upon entering his room, he picked up the phone and dialled Sonny. May as well get it over and done with.

“Hello Sonny” He began, calmly.
“Tommy! Tommy, it’s been too long!” Sonny responded, his voice laced with fake enthusiasm.
Tommy sighed and waited for Sonny to finish his piece. He never learned when to shut up.
“So” He said, finally. “How’d the deal go? You sitting on some white gold?”
Tommy took a sharp intake of breath. “Look Sonny. We were set up” He awaited the backlash. “The deal was an ambush.. Harry and Lee are dead”. Tommy remembered them, spread eagled after the SWAT/assassins leapt in.

Sonny spoke quietly though the rage was hiding shallowly. “You better be kidding me Tommy. Tell me you still got the money”.

“No, Sonny” Tommy kept on. “That’s probably in the possession of the police right now.

“That was MY money, Tommy!” Sonny’s temper was long gone now. “You’re TELLING me that the fucking POLICE have it now? You better not be screwing me, Tommy. Because you know I’m not a man to be screwed with!”

“Sonny, you have my personal assurance I’ll be getting the money back-”

“You better do. Because if you don’t, you know what will happen.” Sonny cut across him. He hated any involvement with the police; he once murdered his previous mistress for getting caught with a police officer. “I know you’re not a fool Tommy, but remember, neither am I!”

Tommy collapsed onto his bed and sighed deeply. “I’ll be in touch” He said with finality.

Tomorrow he was going to meet Ken and try to sort all this shit out. If not, the boys from up north will want a word. And their word was always final.


Author’s Note: Cortez plans to dispose of Gonzalez without Tommy’s help as he has not met him yet. Sonny Forelli is more angered due to the involvement of the police. He’ll be a lot less rational now, keep that in mind.

The End

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