Prologue - Keep Your Friends Close...Mature

This is an alternate history set in the Vice City universe. Fans of the game may pick up on it quickly but I'll add author notes to keep others up to speed. All constructive criticism is welcome. This is an exercise before I begin on my original material so please tell me what I can improve on and what I am already doing well (so I don't mess that up, aha).
All characters depicted belong to Rockstar North except for 'Jack Blake' who is an original character of mine.

A white admiral pulled into the pier almost cautiously and parked up in the clearing. An imposing man in a Hawaiian shirt surveyed his surroundings with boredom. All those years wasted in Liberty City and now back to this. As he looked out onto the three pricks he was partnered with, he thought maybe this town will offer more than just a new life. However, his thoughts remained in the present. He had a deal to do lest he incur the wrath of the Forelli’s.

Det. Jack Blake waited patiently behind the warehouse with the SWAT team. After months of staking out the Vance Crime Family, he was finally going to take down the Vance Brothers. After shutting down their operations in Panama, he believed this was to be a piece of cake. The SWAT team looked at Jack expectantly as he checked his Desert Eagle for the third time. A nervous habit, but it made them feel at ease knowing he was with them. 

Jack lit up a cigarette and looked out on his chosen team. He had three guys barely out of college and a grizzled older man who’d been here a thousand times before. A depressing change from the team that took down Gonzalez the previous month. Thanks Alex Shrub, thought Jack bitterly.

The sound of rotary blades caught their attention, as a black helicopter settled among the dust. A muscular, brutal looking man stepped from the chopper with two metallic suitcases. He walked with a certain arrogance towards the white admiral. It was the kingpin of the Vance Family; Victor Vance. The three men within the vehicle stepped out mirroring the man’s movements. They also brandished two metallic suitcases. Jack Blake remained still; he had to wait for the magic words.

“Got it?” Asked the man in the Hawaiian shirt. He spoke with the air of someone who had done it all before.

Victor laughed in response as he spoke. Confidence ran through his words. “One hundred percent, grade A Colombian, my friend”

“Move out, move out!” Said Jack urgently. He gripped his Desert Eagle and launched forwards as the SWAT team piled forward in a striking formation. “VCPD! You’re under arrest! Put your hands up!”

Victor and the four other men spun around in surprise; Jack and his team approached the men. The three wielding the suitcases fell looked to each other uncertainly while the man in the Hawaiian shirt edged backwards slowly.

Then, the shit truly hit the fan.

A group of men garbed in black jumped from the behind the clearing with high powered assault rifles. Two of the SWAT team, barely registered their attack as they fell down in a hail of gunfire. Jack however, lunged forward and shot the leader through the skull. The two men with the Hawaiian shirted man were not so lucky; the hitmen cut them down with a maelstrom of bullets that reduced them to a bloody pulp.

Victor clawed his way into the chopper as his brother took off with practised ease. As the men in black hid behind the crates, Jack issued an ultimatum.

“Surrender now or I’m gonna get mad”

Evidently, they decided not to surrender as they let off another round of bullets. The two remaining SWAT members took their positions as they surrounded the two remaining hitmen. They tried another round but were nailed by Jack and the rest of the SWAT team. A large cloud of dust passed over the scene; it was a Pollock scene of blood and bullets.

“Bastards run out on us... damnit” Said the older SWAT team member. “They got Jerry and Thomas” He threw down his gun in anger. “I’m too old for this shit, I swear. I’d have left ages ago had I a decent pension”.

Jack sighed. Two of his own men lost and he didn’t get his man. All he had to show for it were four suitcases of unmarked bills and China White. Vice City was very different to Los Santos, very different indeed.


Author’s Note: Victor lives! Tommy still escapes without the money or the drugs which still incurs the wrath of Sonny Forelli. Leo Teal (part of the men garbed in black) is killed which leads to some big butterflies regarding Diaz. With a competent, 80’s Action style supercop, the big drug deal is uncovered hence the presence of the SWAT team.

The End

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