Grand Nu Age

A Buster Call on an innocent Island sparks the adventure of an ex-Marine Vice Admiral and her new Pirate crew as she strives to become Queen of the Pirates! (One Piece Fanfiction.)

Prologue: Arrival at Seagull Island! White Castle Looming!

The buster call ships fired upon a single one, already set on fire, the crew either injured or killed. White trails of stone washed over the planks, and led to the hand of a rather tall woman, blond hair brushing far past her chest, pink eyes looking for danger around her. One marine rushed forward, sword raised, bringing it down against her arm. The sword broke against a sleeve of white stone, the woman punching him to the floor with little effort. She shook it off, turning to dust quickly, running forward before a cannonball blew apart the deck. She launched herself over to the closest ship, creating a slide of stone before coming to a stop in front of a crowd of officers. She held out her hand, releasing a wave of invisible energy. Nearly every person in the crowd fainted, the woman sneering as the last man standing struggled to get his breath.

"Phew..." he sighed, overtaken by fatigue, "...Why are you doing this, huh? You're a Vice Admiral like us... Cortez D. Paige!"

"Haha, well it's no use lumping me with you!" Paige laughed, pinning him down to the ship with shards of white stone, "This supernova, Rojas? He had the right idea. I think he's causing trouble..."

At the same time on another ship, a tall, muscular man with fire red hair and two swords at his belt cracked his knuckles. He snapped the mast, watching in delight as every marine onboard gawped at him, before bringing it down on the crowd. He laughed hard; pulling a bottle of sake from nowhere and drinking it in one go.

"This was fun....Guess they don't call me ‘Wrecker' Rojas for nothing!"

"They won't call you dead for nothing, either!" The Vice Admiral of this ship shouted, drawing a claymore from his back.

"You call THAT swordsmanship?" Rojas cackled, drawing all four blades in two hands, "Well, this'll be a short fight!"

The Vice Admiral jumped up, bringing down the claymore with bone crushing force. All four blades held strong, deflecting him back.

"Four Blade Busting Call!" Rojas called out, both swords cutting the Vice Admiral, and then dissecting the entire ship. He calmly shrugged, jumping down into a lifeboat, cutting down the marines inside. The other ship exploded with white stone, a single person falling down. She made another slide, collapsing on Rojas as she landed. Both laid there a moment, before Rojas placed his hand on her face and pushed her down.

"Seriously, that sliding thing? Stop doing it!" Rojas hissed, dusting himself down. Paige spat at him, her face red with embarrassment.

"You bastard, why didn't you catch your captain!?" Paige shouted, covering the ship with stone, "I haven't mastered it yet. Also, how far away from anywhere are we?"

"Like I know! You're the damn Navigator!"

"I was with you most of the trip, fucking about with the marines and helping you out of the cell!"

"Well isn't that sweet of Captain!" Rojas spat, starting to row, "Is coating the boat with that shit gonna save our asses?"

"Relaaaaaax!" Paige smirked, flexing her hands, "its false sea-prism stone. Zero Zero Fruit, remember?"

"That means jack shit to me, woman!"

"That material that subdues devil fruit users and sea kings, so we'll be beyond fine if we're in the calm belt."

"And what if that rumour of them just hating the substance is true and this boat gets eaten?"

"Well, we'd be the worst pirate crew in history! Well, we don't have much of a crew yet, but if I remember rightly, we're only half a day from Seagull Outpost..."

"Just tell me the direction to row, and I'll get us there before day break..." Rojas shrugged, rowing a bit faster, "Because right now, I want my bounty poster back. And there's only one thing to do to get it back..."


White Castle stood on the hill, ominous and reaching toward the sky. It loomed over Seagull Island, like a shadow on a patch of grass. The Navy Flag was flying high and free. Inside the largest room, monitors and computers lined the walls, connected to den den mushis around the town, looking for any signs of danger. In the centre of the room was a giant, sat in a throne towering over the navy officers. Rear Admiral Omoi, with his greyish stubble and lazy eyes, surveying his underlings.

"Kahohoho..." he laughed, getting up to watch his own monitor, "So the Buster Call Fleet was destroyed by a rogue marine?"

"Yessir, it was a vice admiral. Cortez D. Paige, the first female contender for admiral position for twenty years..." one officer shouted up to him, still saluting. Omoi brought his mace down with stunning speed, crushing the ground around his feet.

"So now she's lumped herself with the 128,000,000 bounty head, Supernova ‘Wrecker' Rojas, right? Two monstrous foes to deal with. Where are they now?"

"The Buster Call ships were about 100 miles out, returning from what is known as Ohara. So, they could be here in two or three days. We can set up a perimeter, if you want?"

"Well, kaho... it doesn't matter what you do, as long as they don't come into the port... Do what is needed, nothing more, nothing less."

"Sir! It will be a priority!" another slender, black haired officer nodded, cracking her knuckles, "I want a piece of them..."


The boat crashed into the shore with an audible crunch of timber, and the white rock, now turning into powder, covered the shoreline. Rojas stood some length away, drying out in the sun, as Paige walked up and down the beach, looking for marines.

"Half a day my ass!" Paige shouted, waving at Rojas, "Why didn't you tell me we were that far away!?"

"You're blaming me?" Rojas laughed, poking her arm as she came past and slumped on the sand, "You're the navigator, dammit."

"I know that! It's just, you know... being captain is harder than it looks?"

"There are two of us! Being captain is a cakewalk compared to being me at this time, I just rowed 100 miles in Two Nights, and all you did was nod, then sleep!"

"Yeahhhh, about that... I'm narcoleptic. And could you keep it down, I think there are some marines about..." Paige sighed, pointing at a few palms across the way, "And I think they might be a defence against us, seeing as though the damn snails are everywhere."

Suddenly, from behind the palms and rainforest behind, a large group of marines rushed out, forming a perimeter and the pair. Rojas yawned, drawing a sword and holding it swung back. All guns were locked on them, and each marine had a serious look about them.

"I'll give you a million Beli if you can beat them without your sword?" Rojas chuckled, drawing his other sword.

"It'll be an I.O.U!" Paige laughed, holding her hand up. In an instant, her hand was as pale as snow, gleaming in the sun. She placed her hand down, blanketing the entire beach with sea stone. Most of the marines were stuck, trying to get free of the rocks. Rojas jumped forward, sending waves of slashes at the marines, defeating them rather easily. Paige raised her hand, pulling up sea stone from the sand like mountains.

"Don't get too cocky!" a trio of officers shouted in unison, walking onto the field. The three of them cast their coats off, and each started to transform. One became a glass titan, another started to melt into black bubbles, and the last removed his gloves as they set alight. Rojas stepped forward, grinning wildly. Paige, however, pushed him back, flicking her finger up at the first officer, who ran forward and threw a punch with his flaming fists. Paige smirked, and giggled.

"Manifest: Shackles!" She called, three shackles made from sea-prism catching both the officer's legs. He fell flat on his face, unable to move or fight back. The other two sprang at her, the glass man then smashed into the rocks by a palm tree. Rojas, with a vicious smile, rushed back into the fight, cutting through the bubbles. Nothing happened, until the man reformed, a large cut down his arm. Paige produced chained shackles for them, towing them into the same area as the fire logia.

"Now now, over confident, ‘ey?" Paige smiled, kneeling down to look at the three officers, looking up at Rojas who kept jabbing them with the hilt of a sword, "Hey, stop that, I wanna be serious when I plunge them..."

"Wait, what do mean plunge?" the fire logia stuttered, a look of terror on his face, "You wouldn't do that to your allies, right?"

"She would, she's crazy!" Rojas interrupted, drinking another bottle of sake. Paige back handed him, grabbing his bottle and smashing it against the floor. Rojas sighed, turning around and walking off.

"What I was going to say, before that nice bastard interrupted, was yes, plunge, as in the ocean. I wouldn't do that to him. He's big. And a normal human. He'd crawl out and beat me. Although, he's not exactly the greatest ally. I'll let you figure that out."

"Figure out when?" the oil logia shouted, the blood running down his arm.

"Manifest: Elevator!" Paige laughed, waving her hand and then plunging it into the stone as if it was liquid. Suddenly, the sand shifted, and a clean cut around a block of stone opened. Shouting out in fear, the marines tried to beg. A moment later, the slab sprang up, throwing the screaming men out to sea, until they were heard no more. Paige, with a shrug, absorbed the stone back up, and dusted off her hands.

"Rojas, that felt grea-what the hell are you doing with that coconut?"

"This." He said bluntly, launching it at her like a football. It struck her in the face, knocking her down. She got up again, shrugged, and then sneezed. "Well, that's what you get when you slap me. So now what? Do I have my bounty back?"

"You can start by stopping doing that, you meany!" Paige said, sulking. Rojas shrugged, gave her a sly look, one which she remembered, "All work and no play? Yeah, alright. Pub?"

"Thought you'd never ask!" Rojas nodded, picking up the coconut and launching it at the body of a marine, each one still on the floor, either dead or passed out. Paige muttered a sarcastic apology under her breath, before catching up to Rojas, who has already spotted a bar close to the beach...


The End

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