Grand Canyon of Salmons

A young person known as John seeks to be the very best, and agreed to participate in the greatest challenge he ever accepted, the Grand Canyon of Salmons.

The Grand Canyon of Salmons, the greatest canyon in Fishland. Fishland was a very distant planet in a very distant galaxy, and the time wasn't very new either, because this story took place 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 years ago. Long, long time ago, in a very advanced planet, more advanced than our current Earth, a man named John was the greatest man in Fishland, eventually, he was elected president of Fishland, and he took the honor of being the very first president of this KINGDOM. It might sound odd for a president to rule a kingdom, but it happened either way. In an evening, John was sat down on his leather sofa, wearing nothing but his underwear, he grabbed his crotch and rubbed it gently while switching TV channels, but the TV channel: "Challenger" grabbed his attention the most.

"Challenger" was a populous TV channel that existed during John's reign, it was hosted by the famous stupidly risky man, Beer Grill. Beer Grill could do anything for money, drink his own piss, eat his own poo, eat juicy and fat worms, but no one expected him to swim in the Grand Canyon of Salmons. It was definitely something new for the people of the planet.

For a man to swim in the greatest canyon that existed in this world, seemed impossible. John was not very pleased, and he ordered all security forces to detain the man and place him in maximum security prison, John hated this because he is the greatest challenger in the world. He did not like the fact that Beer Grill would do something that would destroy John's reputation forevermore.

Once the world has heard the news of Beer Grill being arrested, they all rose furiously. Why would the 2nd greatest challenger in the world be arrested, and what is he charged for? John climbed up to his podium and spoke to the people, "Beer Grill is under arrest for MURDERING a man."

Nobody believed this weak excuse, and John was shot to death by a sniper.

The End

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