I've been messing around with some junk, and after switching projects yet again, I've come across an idea I actually like this time. This is just a random write I did to feel like I've gotten something done after a week or so of some half-assed world building.

Also note that this hasn't been revised...

The desert was a thin burning shell of silicon, coated in a layer of molten glass. A small shape, humanoid in appearance yet shining brightly in the dual suns coasted along torrents of air, kicking up clouds of dust that parted and fell like the spray on the open ocean. It dipped low, nearly low enough to cut a trench with its sharpened features, before suddenly coming to an abrupt stop, another, blockier figure standing abreast it. The shape was also human however far bulkier than the sleek contours of its partner, whose mecha, though lightly armored, carried it’s curves and beveled edges with pride.

The bulkier figurine’s cylindrical head turned toward the other, the human inside grinning.

“Hey, Robert” it asked. The man inside was Danny Perkins, a mercenary.

“I don’t like it out-here at all, you know that right?”

“Just shut up Dan we’ll be home in a few hours, just a few Pirates.” Robert was cold, as usual. A mechanical digit gestured towards their destination a thousand meters before them. It was a strange set of ruins, massive, blocky obsidian shapes jutting out of the sand at straight angles seven hundred feet tall. The tops where tipped with machines, which would pump any collected water from its basin straight to Chesterson, the city whose survival depended upon it and the one that had hired them to protect it. It was the Stasis well, one of dozens marking the sun scorched surface of the Oasis, the largest desert on Madness.

Water came at premiums for obvious reasons; the only time it rained was for a short five day period where massive swells would drench the land-scape, thousands of gallons collecting within the well’s basin for use. Taxes where due to those desiring access, and obviously, a few buckets of water would fetch someone a high price if sold illegally, something pirates excelled at.

“I know that though, but shit, this coat’s air conditioning cut out a few minutes ago. Fuckin’ well’s weird energies broke it I’m telling you!”

“That’s all you talk about, Dan.” Robert said coldly, dismissing his friend’s discomfort as trivial. “In any case we’ll be done in a few minutes, second they see a Driver coming they tend to make like trees and…burn to death.”

“You’re fucking terrible at analogies Rob.”

“Just shut up and split off so I can cover you, ass hole.”

Robert was correct, in fact. A driver, those that used strange sets of clothing known as Riot Dusters, where feared for their machine’s incredible abilities in combat. Generally speaking a single Riot Duster could out fight twenty or so other of the general purpose combat armors by themselves, some worse than others. Robert of course was a living legend; known as “Thrill Trigger” after the code his duster was given.

As they drew near, short bursts of star-light signaled combat, large mechanical exoskeletons gleaming bronze in the golden sun-shine. Robert drew his revolver and aimed, a red box with an L.E.D “200” lighting up his helmet.

He centered the reticle onto the first armor and fired, a single, 20MM shell burning a hole straight through, leaving streams of smoke and steaming blood in its destructive wake. Danny repeated this action with the simple auto rifle he owned, sending a hail of magnesium tipped penetrators down range before breaking off to avoid a tidal wave of twinkling lasers, likely shot in a panic as the pirates where taken by surprize.

Robert opened his COMM again, this time broadcasting to the outside world.

“I’ve already killed one of your mooks, and I’m not really cross to doing it again.” his voice sent chills down Dan’s spine, something he’d find refreshing hadn’t it been so shocking in its cold-heartedness.

“What is it then, you done here? We both know your chances against a Duster.”

Danny blinked and pressed the trigger button once again, another hap-hazard burp marking the well, sending trails of blue sparks into the sky. He was shaking but, he had a job to get done.

He also fucking hated this shit with a passion, Robert’s sharp stare stabbing through the armored plating of his coat.

The line of shining bronze broke off and sped towards them, deadly rays of light pinging from cheap blasters. Robert aimed and took another’s head off with a single, well placed shot before engaging his back thruster, jetting towards a third before punching a hole through its mid-section. He had an auto-pile, and the disgusting sounds of ground flesh and broken bone filled the air as an explosive spike hammered away at its insides, incomprehensible screams emanating from within.

“I’m only 17…fuck!”

Robert saw holes beginning to open Danny's back armor, causing him to curse. “Danny, shut the fuck up and fire back! You’ll die you fuckin idiot!” Robert kicked the flailing carcass off the end of his auto-pile before firing off like a bullet, slamming into the back-most section of the glittering mechanical pirate with a powerful kick, a loud crunch signaled a broken back, the man dying nearly instantly. Danny sat there, stunned at the display.

“Why the hell did I come here with you…Jesus man you’re fuckin nuts!”

“C’mon, we’re done here.” he said, irritated.

The End

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