Chapter 4

The morning slowly rose over the desert dunes of Escynus. The wind blew, blowing sand into the air. A cart could be seen next to a fire pit, the cart was not to large, enough to fit a total of 5 people, it had an open top with three bars going from one end to the other width wise, the front had a bar crossing it for either a person, or an animal to pull it. A loud yawn could be heard from within the cart. “Ahh, Wasn't the greatest sleep, but could of been worse.” Kyle stated sitting up from the inside of the cart. Looking down he saw the unconscious women. 'I wonder where she is from...' He thought to himself before fully standing up and carefully getting out of the cart.

“Good morning Kyle.” A cheerful male voice said. “Good morning Kira.” Kyle stated giving him a small wave. “You know, since you're up, maybe you should help us clear the camp” An irritated Shinji stated. Shrugging Kyle walked over to the camp and helped the desert twins with clearing the camp. “Even though the only things out here are the fire pit and some left over plates from dinner last night?” He said with a blank face.

“Shut it Kyle” Shinji stated picking up her plate and taking Kira's. “We still need to set up the cover for the cart so we can keep cool” Rolling his eyes, Kyle started to bury the fire pit with the sand. “So Kira, where are you two going anyways?” Kyle asked as he finished burying the pit. “We are heading to Raybourne, its where we live.” Kira stated as he too a large clothe out of the cart and started to cover the cart with it. “Raybourne?” Kyle repeated as he looked over to them. “Whats it like?” He asked with genuine curiosity

“Its not too big of a town, a lot of shops.” Shinji answered. “Alright, well since everyone is ready lets go!” Kyle said jumping into the back of the cart. He watched as both Kira and Shinji made their way into the cart. “Oh this thing can move on its own?” He asked enthusiastically. “Nope” Shinji said as she sat beside Kira. “Then... how does this thing move?” He asked. “Like this” Shinji said kicking him out of the cart and onto his face. “By you pulling it that's how” She huffed. “You gotta direct me then...” He said as he made his way to the front of the cart. “Alright.” He said slapping his hands together and rubbing them. Lets get going!” He said with a large grin.

Stepping over the front part, he lifted it up. “So, Kira, which way?” He asked looking over his shoulder. “Just head in that direction for as long as you can, we'll take a brake around noon for some lunch.” He said from within the cart. “Alright then.” He said taking one step forward. Pulling along the cart, he looked up. “So, Kira, you never explained to me, why the barrier was up.” Kyle stated. 'this cart is actually pretty light compared to how it looks, not including the three people inside...' He thought in surprise as he tracked along the desert. “I took it down about five minutes before you woke up.” He stated.

“Also, if your wondering why the cart is so light, its because of Shinji over here, she was worried that you might hurt your self trying to pull this things.” He said in a teasing way. “Shut it Kira!” Shinji screamed pushing him. “He knocked it off back there, it may be light, but its hard to pull when you two are wrestling back there. And don't forget you still have someone who is still sleeping back there!” He said trying to get his grip back.

The End

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