Chapter 3

Soon night fell on the two desert twins. “Lets stop and set up camp.” Shinji said stopping and placed down the cart. And turned toward Kira. “Yeah I suppose we should huh?” He said jumping out of the cart. “I'll set up the barrier, while you start the camp okay?” He said as he made his way to the edge of the camp.

“Well its not like I can do that stuff anyways.” She pouted and dug a small hole in the sand and filled it with sticks and dried grass. She closed her eyes and raised her hand to her lips. She closed her ring and pinky while her index and middle finger were raised. She started to whisper an incantation, and the small fire pit burst into flames. “Kira! Fires started!” She called out.

“Wow... How did you do that?” A voice asked behind her. When she turned there was a stranger in front of her. “Ah!” She screamed falling backwards. “W-W-who are you?” She asked to the man. “The person you kidnapped...” He said in a bland voice. Calming down, she sat back up. “We didn't kidnap you. We saved your life, if it wasn't for us, you would still be out there knocked out, or even dead.” She said pointing at him. “You should thank us!”

The man just laughed. “Me? Thank you?” He laughed harder. “Dream on!” He turned to her. “The name is Kyle, don't forget it!” He said with a cheery smile. “Hmm, now that I look at you.” He said leening closer to her

A blush raced across her face at how close the man was. “W-W-What?” She stuttered. “You're...” He started and squinted. “You're pretty ugly you know that?” He blatantly said. “What?!” Shinji screeched and smacked him across the face. “That isn't how you greet someone you first met! Besides, you shouldn't look at peoples looks, you should see the inside of them!” She yelled at him kicking him in the side. “Kira! We should just kill this person!” She screamed pointing at him.

“Now now Shinji, no need to get angry, he just woke up and is kind of out of it.” He said raising his hands to try and calm her. “You on his side or something?!” Shinji screamed at Kira. “Never mind, I'm going to grab something to eat!” She said and stormed off to the cart.

“Wow...” Kyle said looking at Kira. “So you're Kira?” He said pointing at him. “Yeah, and shes my younger sister, Shinji” Kira said in a gentle tone with a small smile. “So she's your sister? Then you know how she did that little flame trick thing right?” Kyle asked with hopes that he would tell him. “Yeah I do, its a little thing we call 'Luna' its a power the people of this country wield.” Kira said with a smile. “Hm, can anyone learn to use it?” Kyle asked. “Only the people of this country.” He stated as he looked over him. “You don't seem to be of this country, how long have you been in the desert for? And for that matter, what country are you from?” Kira asked.

“About.... 3 weeks I think? And to answer your other question, I am from Xaniur” Kyle stated as he watched Shinji start too cook some meat over the fire. “What country is this?” He asked looking back to Kira. “Escynus” Kira stated looking over the fire. “Its pretty different from where we are now, and I am sure much different from Xaniur” Kira smiled at Kyle, “So this 'Luna' or whatever, what can you do with it?” “With Luna, you can do almost anything with it, from building a house, starting a fire, or even using it in combat.” He said pointing up. “Even make barriers like this.” He said with a smile.

Looking up Kyle's eyes widened, a large purple swirling dome was raised above them. “Wow...” He said looking back down. “Too bad I can't learn it.” He said with a chuckle. “So, Kyle, whats your story?” Kira asked. A sadden look crossed Kyle's features. “I... I don't remember...” He lied to him. “All I remember is wondering the desert, my name, and where I am from... Other then that I can't remember anything...” He said as he looked toward the sand. “I'm going to bed...” He stated as he stood up and walked back to the cart.

“Wait! You need to eat!” Shinji called out to him holding a bowl. “Not hungry” Kyle said as he laid down and closed his eyes. “I wonder if we can help him remember?” Shinji asked as she took a seat next to Kira. “I hope so..” He said taking a bite of his food.

A few moments later, Shinji put out the fire and laid down in the sand next to her brother. “Good night..” She said closing her eyes. “Good night Sis...” Kira said as he soon fell asleep.

The End

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