Chapter 2

The cloak waved in the wind. The man watched her die, his hands clenched in fury. “Grado... You Bastard...” He said as he turned away from the scene and raced out of the village, and into the desert. “You killed your own daughter?” He said with anger. “Don't worry I will make sure you are avenged Jade.”

He glanced back to the village and turned back to his front. “I will have a burial for you soon.” He said with sadness entering his voice. He walked off into the distance as the sand began to cover his tracks as the wind raced through the desert.


The sun was beating down on the desert. The cloaked man was drenched in his own sweat. “Damn it!” He cursed taking the hood of his cloak and ripping it off of him. “its too damn hot!” He said as he threw it onto the ground.

He had dark black/blue hair, with the back a little spiky, his eyes were a deep blue. “Ahh!” He screamed into the air. “I need water!” He said as he wiped away sweat that was falling down his forehead only to be replaced instantly. His eye twitched and sighed. “This is going no where...” He said as he fell onto his face. “Damn... wasted energy screaming at nothing...” He laughed faintly as he soon fell into unconsciousness

A person dressed in a light brown cloak watched the whole scene before him. “What an odd fellow.” They said as they walked up to him. Picking him up they called. “Hey Shinji, I found another one!” They called out as they walked back up the dune.

“Only two this time huh?” Shinji said as she smiled. “Well at least we know we have some workers now.” She laughed. She turned towards her cart. Shinji had short blond hair with brown eyes. “You know, Kira, I think we should make this one cook.” She said poking an unconscious women with long black hair. “She looks like a cook.” She laughed looking down at her brother.

“Shin, you know we can't do that..” The cloaked man, now known as Kira, stated to his sister. “We do need help, but they need rest more then we need help sis.” He said as he placed him onto the cart.

“Well we need to get going anyways.” She said as she jumped down in front of the cart. “How far are we?” She asked looking behind her feeling her brother get on.

“About two days.” Kira said as he made sure both were secure. “Lets go, I don't want too be out here too long.” He said as he felt Shinji pull the cart.

“I know, we don't want those things to come after us.” She stated as she walked a little faster.

In the distance a large creature with spikes protruding out from its back roared into the sky.


The End

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