Gradus Prohibitus

( First story on here, don't expect much.) Unable to move on, unable to face the future, how can it be so hard? (Gradus Prohibitus = Hindered Steps)

"I will always remember you."  A man said dressed in a large cloak covering his face and body. "Just don't forget me." He said again as he placed a hand onto the women in front of him.

She was wearing a red sleeveless shirt, a pair of brown pants. She had a pair of beautiful emerald green eyes and shoulder length dirty red hair. "Don't worry, I won't forget you."

"I must go, I hear them coming" The man said. "I love you Jade, please, don't forget me." He said as he turned around and rushed off into the darkness of the village.

"I love you too... and I won't forget you." She said as she heard the sounds of foot steps rushing toward her house. She sighed and thought "I have to make sure he gets out safely" She looked towards the men. One stopped, making the others stop.

He was a man dressed in silver armour, he had short spiky blazing red hair, his eyes were cold, the insignia on his armour was of a raven spreading its wings with a red background. "Miss, have you seen this man?" He asked giving her a slip of paper.

Looking down she shook her head. "N-no I haven't.." She trailed off not looking the man in the eyes.

"Men, Go look for him, I need to stay here and chat with this women." He said pointing away from the house. He watched them all run off into the distance. "Miss, I know you are lying, please tell me the truth, have you seen this man?" He asked once again

"No I haven't commander.." She said with a bit more of a tense voice. "I have not seen this man in my life..." She said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

The commander grabbed her by her collar of her shirt and pulled her close. "I do not have time to deal with your little lies Missy, but this man has killed the most important person in this town, he killed the queens son." He said, his tone darker. "Now, have you seen this man?" He demanded.

Not looking him in the eyes she sighed. "Yes I have, and I will not tell you where he went." She said in a stern tone.

"Fine then." He said throwing her to the ground. "If you will not co-operate I must take your punishment into my own hands." He said as he drew his sword. "Farewell little girl. In your next life, make sure you listen to the army." He said as he lifted his sword and slashed down on to the women.

She screamed in pain as the sword slashed through her shoulder. She became silent when the sword came across her neck. "Disgusting." He said as he looked off away from the women. He took her shirt and whipped off the blood. "Now where did that little bastard go?" He asked no one walking into the darkness of the village.


The End

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