Grade Nine Survival Guide Top 10 Rules

Helping grade nines survive high school.

Attention all you grade nine's this is your survival guide to help you survive high school, without getting beat up or pushed out of the way. If you follow these simple rules you should be fine.

Rule #1: When walking in the hallways, DON'T STOP! People tare trying to get to their next classes or even their lockers. Don't just stop and stand there. It's so annoying, and very fustrating. Your being at risk of geting pushed around and also yelled at.

Rule #2: When at lunch, people are trying to get to places and when you're standing right in the middle of the small hallways, you're going to get pushed, and yelled at also. So don't fuse and complain.

Rule #3: When tachers ask you to please move out of the way and chear the hallways, don't just stand there or move just a little bit. Also don't make them ask you again, over and over again. Warning not a very good idea.

Rule#4: Just beacuse you're in grade nine, doesn't mean you can slack off, and think everything is going to be easy because then you will be at a high risk of failing grade nine, and repeating it all over again. If i were you, i would think twice, and try my best. Once you pass its just one step closer to graduating.

Rule#5: Please whatever you do, don'y stair at people or also give them a dirty look, because then you're just askin for it and wanting something to start. Note: Not really a good idea.

Rule#6: I have notice that a lot of drama starts in grade nine. Like stop acting like kids. This is high schol, not middle school. Stop starting things and causing trouble. It's not coll and trist me, you might just reget it later.

Rule#7: When at lunch time and you're sitting on the floor by some lockers. Will you please move, and don't just sit there and look up with one of those faces pretty much saying, "yes can i help you?" Like think once their gone, you can sit back down all  you want.

Rule#8: As well as rule seven, when sitting on the floor, and having your legs out, when someone walks by move you legs. Don't keep them there. Also don't try to trip them, its so immature.

Rule#9: Stop hanging out in the bathrooms people need to go. They don't like when people are in there and just hanging around. Get in there, use it, wash up. and GET OUT! It's annoying and uncomfortable.

Rule#10: Last but not least, don't do/or bring and drugs or related drugs to school. It's dumd and even stupid. Remember look at your future.

The End

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