Day One

I sat staring out of the window for a long time. The view was beautiful. You could see right over the forest and the land around, right to the sea.
I lay down on my bed, and would have stayed there all night if my phone hadn't buzzed.
From: Mum
Do you want your case or shall I take it home again?

Bother. I leapt out of bed and hurtled downstairs, getting lost about five times on the way, and finally found the kitchen. My mum, dad and aunt were sat round the table drinking tea. I spotted my case on the floor near the oven and proceeded to haul it back upstairs. I dumped it on the carpet in the main room and started unpacking. I put all my clothes in the varnish finish chest of drawers. I then extricated my pyjamas, put them on and flopped down onto the bed. I pulled the duvet up to my chin and snuggled into the warm mattress.
Then, without meaning to, I drifted off to sleep.
* * * * * * * * *
I woke a few hours later, sweating from a nightmare I couldn't remember. I turned over and looked at my clock.
I rolled over and tried to get to sleep again. I woke up what felt like five minutes later.
Aaah! I'd overslept! I leapt out of bed and started frantically looking for my uniform, before I realized I wasn't in London, and I didn't go to that school any more. I then collapsed onto the bed again. This just wasn't my day. I got up again and went to see if there was any coffee. I found a note on the kitchen table.
We stayed overnight, but we're going back now. We're going to leave at 08:20, so come and say bye if you're up. If not, I'll all you when we get home.
Lots of love, Mum and Dad.

I checked the kitchen clock. It was eight-eighteen! I ran outside in my pyjamas and saw the car. My mum looked up from packing the boot.
"Oh, you did wake up in time! Come here," she said. I ran over and hugged her. My dad came over and I hugged him too. Then they both went and got into the car and drove off. The wind blew my almost silver white blonde hair into my face. I pushed it back behind my ears and waved like a lunatic.

"Grace, do you want to come shopping today?" said my aunt, behind me.

I turned to face her, and said, smiling, "What do you think?"


The End

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