Car Journey

I strapped myself into the middle car seat- the other two seats were covered with luggage- and the car engine roared into life. My dad backed out of the garage and set off. I didn't really register the journey, just London houses changing into motorway, the scenery flying past like a dvd on fast forward. After a about an hour we stopped at a service station. I got a cappuccino, but the minutes I spent poking the froth with a spoon as I waited for it to cool down to drinking temperature was more time to think about my situation. I was already missing my friends. I missed the sudden random things Mandy said all the time, Abbie's crazy but cool outfits, never the same on any two days, Heather's habit of talking in MSN abbreviations, Sara's jokes every five seconds, Cassie's 1001 hair styles and Jaymie's constant thought updates. I was the quiet one, the one who wouldn't care if she was locked in a library. My mum and dad talked about adult things, I didn't listen. Something about money. I groaned and wished the credit crunch didn't exist.
When we got back in the car again the weather had let up a bit, but there was still a light drizzle coming down, the kind that soaks you to the skin. It got worse as we drove on, turning into heavy rain. By the time we got out of the forest, it had become a full blown thunder storm. I pulled my coat tightly around my shoulders and got out the car. The rain lashed down as I ran across the waterlogged grass to the front door. There was a heavy iron knocker on it in the shape of a lions head. I knocked and the sound echoed through the house. It sounded very empty. The word haunted shot through my mind as a bright flash of lightning lit up the surrounding area. The pine trees loomed ominously and the space between the trunks looked black. Then everything went dark again and it was hard to decide which was scarier, being able to see everything or not.
Inside the house, a light flicked on. I ran back to the car.
"Mum, come on, there's someone in," I hissed nudging her. She got out and walked across the waterlogged grass with me. Dad followed a few feet behind. The door opened.
"Ah, hello, Beatrice, so you did make it all right? Where's Richard?" This is my aunt. She rushes everything. Beatrice and Richard are my mum and dad.
"Well do come in don't just stand there getting wet. Honestly- Oh, hello Grace dear, I haven't seen you for a long time, here, let me show you your room," says my aunt, pushing me in the direction of the stairs. I walk up slowly, counting steps and remembering the ones that creak. I always do this in case I need to get up a night. It's embarrassing when you wake everyone up. I followed aunt Lizzie down a corridor, up another flight of stairs, to the end of that corridor, to an old fashioned black wood door.
"This is your room Grace, do you like it?" she said as I walked in.
It was like walking into a dream.
The room was actually two rooms, the first one was like a living space, complete with sofa, beanbags, even a small tv! There was also a mini fridge and laptop desk- and wireless internet! But the other half of the room contrasted with the first half like black and white. As the first room was modern, full of tecnology and electricals, this half had nothing like that. The bed was an old four poster, but at the same tme it was beautiful. There was no wall visible. two wall were taken up by window, the other two by bookshelves. It was perfect. I told aunt Lizzie this and she laughed.
"I'll be downstairs if you need anything," she said, then disappeared. Maybe she's not mad after all.

The End

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