I sat on my bed, looking out of my window at the bus shelter across the street. The rain poured down mercilessly, the never ending drumming sound on the roof annoyed me. It might not have been so bad if it always rained, because then I might have got used to it. But no, it was the middle of June and yet again I was let down by the weather. The weather people said there would be some hot weather when the rain stopped. Yeah, like thats ever going to happen, I thought. It was more a question of if it stopped raining than when.
"Grace, come on, we're going to be late!" That's my mother. I chucked the last few items into my travel case, put my old teddy in my backpack and zipped up the case. It was new, all silver and shiny, but I would have locked myself inside it for five days flat if it meant I could stay with my mum. But since Dad had lost his job due to the credit crunch and Mums job was badly paid to start with, I had to go live with Aunt Lizzie. Mad Aunt Lizzie, I corrected myself with a grin. Yes, my aunt was definitely mad, always going on about magic in the trees, stuff like that. Though there was something strange about the way Mum always found something for me to do whenever my aunt started talking. But still, I had to go and live with her. And I didn't like it.
I lugged my case down the stairs. My mum was waiting for me in the living room.
"Are you ready, Gracie? We're going to have lunch before we go. Cheer up, I made you some cookies for the trip!" I loved my mums cooking, especially cookies. But even chocolate cookies couldn't lighten my mood much. I was going to have to leave my loving mum and my quirky but amazing dad for my mad aunt. It wasn't much of a swap. Over a lunch of tomato and basil soup my mum chattered non-stop about aunt Lizzie's new house. She'd recently moved from a small flat in the city to a large country house, surrounded by woods. My mum said it was 'such a beautiful place, you wouldn't know there was anything except for you and the wildlife.' I thought Yeah, and no phone reception I'll bet.
"Mum, how am I going to get to school? I already take the tube halfway across London," I asked.
"Honey, you're not going to go to your old school. You'll go to the local secondary, Ashcroft High." she said.
My brain didn't register what she said next. My throat closed up on me so I could only open and close my mouth like a goldfish. Suddenly my voice came back and I half yelled "What? You're making me move schools as well as houses? What about my friends? Why does no one ever think about what I want?" I ran upstairs, slammed my bedroom door behind me and locked it. Then I went and booted up my Apple Macbook. In the minutes it took to load I paced up and down my room, looking at all the things I couldn't take. My bed, for one. I loved that bed. So comfy, and with a secret compartment under the mattress. It was purple too, like most of my room. My books were another thing I couldn't take. I just had so many. My computer finally loaded and I opened MSN. Predictably about seven conversation windows opened. I sighed and closed six of them, inviting the owners into one big conversation. There was Abbie, Heather, Mandy, Sara, Cassie and Jaymie.

Graciegirl: Hey guys
Abbs...xX: Hi Grace!
Cassettegirl: Heya
Jayz: Hiya!
Sarawara: Heyz
Heatheristhebest: Hiyaz!
Mandolin: Hio
Cassettegirl: Whats up gracie? Weres the !!! gone?
Graciegirl: You know i hav 2 go 2 my mad aunts house
Abbs...xX: Yeah
Jayz: Yes
Cassettegirl: Ye
Mandolin: Yup yup
Heatheristhebest: Yoho
Sarawara: Uhhuh
Graciegirl: Well, not only do i have 2 completely move house, i also hav 2 move schls! I wont get 2 cu guys!
Graciegirl: U think I wanna go?
Abbs...xX: No but still
Graciegirl: I'll miss u guys g2g now
Sarawara: Nooo dont go but i gess u hav 2 bye
Mandolin: Wat? U cant leave us
Heatheristhebest: Bye grace
Casettegirl: Bye
Jayz: Cya
Abbs...xX: Well, bye gracie
Graciegirl: Bye guys i'll text if i can miss u luv ya all

I closed the conversation window and logged out. I would miss them all. But I had to move on in life, even if I didn't want to.
There was a hesitant knock at my bedroom door.
"Grace sweetie?" It was my dad. I went over and unlocked the door. It opened quickly, and my dad came over to where I'd sat back down on my bed.
"Grace sweetie, I know this is hard for you, leaving all your friends. But you'll make new ones, perhaps even better-" I glared at him. He changed the subject.
"Well, I just wanted to say that I'm looking for a new job. So you should be able to come home in, what, about six months?"
I stared at him. Six months? It might as well be forever.
"And your mum wanted me to tell you we're leaving in five minutes, so come down and get you coat on and get in the car."
He left and I checked I'd got everything, then I went downstairs, got my black almost designer trench coat and got in the car.

The End

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