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The indicator next to Rosette’s username said she’d come online.  In the last chat session Hank had expressed his sympathy for the girl’s situation and how much he wished he could help them achieve the peace they wanted in their lives.  Rosette had sent him a private message asking if his or rather LoliAvenger’s sentiments were sincere.  He’d tracked her IP address to a town near Portland, Oregon and wasn’t sure how to respond.  She’d written:

  It’s refreshing to find someone sympathetic to our cause.  Lolita’s are not objects but unfortunately many of us are victims stuck in a past of hurt and suffering.  There’s only one way to move past it all and take hold of our own futures, to grow into the women we were meant to be.  If you sincerely wish to aid a Lolita in her suffering I can teach you how to fold an origami rose.

PM me if you’d like ;)


Hank knew Rosette wouldn’t message him again until he’d responded to her.  His handle trembled slightly as he moved the cursor over her user name and right clicked.  He opened up the message screen and typed a simple reply. 

My sentiments are sincere.  I’d like to learn.


Quickly a reply was sent with a link to a document explaining how to fold a basic origami rose with annotations for using thicker, less conventional materials.  Detective Johnson’s mind raced.  He wasn’t intending on committing a crime for them.  He was trying to get on the inside.  He still couldn’t be entirely sure his theory was accurate.  He’d have to get a confession; he wanted to meet them in person.  He replied:

Thank you :).  I admit I’m not very good at self-teaching.  I’m kind of a visual learner.  Any way someone could teach me in person?

In the time it would take for Rosette to open and read the message she had gone offline.  Hank slammed his fist against the desk.  He’d ruined it.  She was on to him, or he’d scared her away and this whole trip was a waste of time.  His phone blinked with voicemails waiting to be listened to and he powered off the device along with his laptop.  He drove 15 blocks into town and grabbed a six pack of beer at the convenience store and proceeded to empty the cans on his way home. 

The End

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