Gothic LolitaMature

A mysterious murder in Florida quickly reveals itself to be linked with others across the nation and world and the likely criminals are nearly unbelievable.

There was no reason to keep his mind on the road, just hundreds of miles of flat straight pavement framed by the same yellowish brown landscape with the occasional truck stop or fenced in livestock to spruce up the view.  Detective Hank Johnson wasn’t even sure what state he was currently in but that didn’t matter, if he just stayed on the interstate eventually he’d get to Oregon and then hopefully he’d have more intel. 

 The setting sun was replaced with Nadine’s large dark eyes as he lumbered towards his uncertain destination five miles above the speed limit.  “No, I understand . . .at least I think I do.  You have to do this, figure it out, for all of us.” Snippets of their last conversation before Hank had left played themselves out in the silent car.  Her beautiful eyes were full of sorrow yet her tone of voice commanded a degree of forcefulness he’d never heard in her before. 

This case was the biggest he’d ever been assigned to.  It was the type of case that could make or break your career.  Hank was taking a big risk following up this lead on his own but he had to do it and Nadine understood that.  He’d had personal communication with who he theorized may be the murderers.  It sounded insane even to him and that’s why he hadn’t pursued the lead with his superiors.  These murders were clearly the product of organized crime.  Still a group of women, some maybe even legally children was a hard sell.  Even in hindsight it was hard to describe his impressions of that first crime scene back in Florida.  It was a homicide, he knew that before arriving but it was clear early on that there was more to this.

The first documented victim, a middle aged man found in an alleyway a block away from the pier on a weeknight.  The victim himself was unremarkable.  He had been convicted with possession of child pornography after having his laptop repaired at the local MacShack.   The charges would have put him away for 30 some years but some litigation song and dance and the fact that the computer was technically a shared asset between business partners kept him on, in Hanks opinion, the wrong side of bars. 

The End

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