Goth Together

Its a complete spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, Twilight and Vampires and other Supernatural from different Fictional Sagas. It starts with a recovering Damon Salvatore after the tragic death of his love Elena. If you can digest the humour against your favourite characters (especially Edward Cullen), then story hidden behind the humour awaits you.


Messy and Elliot were a happy couple. They had had a wondrous night at the Berkley's at Georgia. They were now returning back to Mystic Falls at this time of night. It was 3 AM. They were late already, people didnt drive to Mystic Falls at this point of night. Messy was asleep, after having a lot of chatter with her handsome boyfriend. Elliot tried to keep his eyes open till at least he reached their home on the outskirts of Mystic Falls. When they were about to reach their Destination, the road suddenly was filled with fog. Elliot could barely see beyond the fog. He switched on his car's Fog Light, but it hardly helped. The fog was too dense. Suddenly, a man in black suit appeared out of nowhere in the dense cloud of fog, and in the middle of the road. Elliot was heavily surprised. He pushed the brakes fully but to no avail. He had already hit the man before his car could come to a skid stop. The brakes had woke Messy up. She looked astonished and scared.

"Oh Elliot, what happened?" Messy asked.

"I think we just hit a Vampire on the road." Elliot replied.

"Seriously? Let me check if it's Edward Cullen." Messy hurried to open the doors, but Elliot was quick to stop her.

"Messy, I think this is the Real bit. This is the Vampire Diaries style. Its usually what Damon Salvatore does."

"Oh, I've heard of him from friends. He is hawt!! Let me check him out." This time Elliot couldn't stop her and Messy had already stepped out.

"Heyy Damon, I know you are here. Come, bite me." Messy started speaking loudly. Elliot jumped from the car to get Messy back into it. But it was too late. The man who was knocked by their car stood up, and was walking towards them.

"Messy, its no time for fun. Lets get outta here." Elliot tried to convince her. But now, she was walking towards the man. When they were just 50 feet apart. The man suddenly dissapeared.

"Heyy, you can't do this to me. We were so close. Ahh, its such an Anti-Climax." Messy said out loud.

"Come on lets get outta here. I'm glad for once he was being Meyer'ish." Elliot grabbed Messy and they ran into the car and Elliot drove in super speed. They reached home with no harm.

Out there, Damon was heading back to the Salvatore boarding house. It was the first time in eons that he was unable to kill and feed on someone when he wanted to do it. Before he could complete thinking about it, he had reached home. He stepped inside, and thought about the moment when he was ready to kill the sweet cuddling couple. He was walking towards the woman thinking about the ways he could play with them before he could feed on them. But then suddenly, he saw a ghost. It was Elena's. "You wouldn't hurt anyone." she said, "You promised!" Elena's ghost compelled him to not kill someone. He ran from the place. He wanted to keep his only promise now he had done to anyone, since now he had forgiven his brother, Stefan.

"Why does a ghost have to haunt me now?" Damon thought. "Elena's dead. I'm done with her. I need to move on. I need to make the switch. I need to turn off my humanity. Its so much easier. Then why can't I?"

"Because, you loved her." A voice came from the other end of the room. It was Stefan.

"What, now are you like, reading my mind?" Damon replied to Stefan.

Stefan was, until now, sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace, drinking whiskey mixed with a little Vervain. He had been doing that all the time since Elena's death. Damon thought Stefan was making this scene a new western Gothic version of Devdas. "Stefan could be Devdas, yes. But, Damon can't." Damon thought.

"Unfortunately," Stefan replied, "This mix of a little dose of Vervain with Whiskey has been giving me a new type of power, something much more mental than physical. I I should say that I actually tried doing that to weaken myself and eventually fade out, but it is giving me something I never expected. I am able to figure out what people are thinking, their thoughts are getting open to me. Although since I havent fed myself for a long time now, I am becoming physically more vulnerable. But these thoughts make me clouded. So, I thought of an experiment, I am gonna go to School tomorrow. Meet with Bonnie, Caroline and others. I expect their thoughts would keep me busy."

"Ahh, Don't give me that crap. I don't want you turn into that whipped up Edward Cullen, you are already dreadful as the whipped up Stefan Salvatore." Damon tried to make a joke and for a change Stefan did chuckle on it.

"It's good to see you make jokes again, brother." Stefan said smiling.

"Who said it was a joke, I am serious, I don't want some different species for a brother." Damon replied cunningly making his eyes small. Stefan chuckled again.

"Anyways," Damon continued, "I am leaving town, tomorrow."

"When did you decide that?" Stefan asked.

"Just now, I couldn't bear seeing your dead face." Damon chuckled.

"Okay, good luck!" Stefan replied.

"What, you wouldn't ask me where am I going?" Damon asked innocently.

"No, I'll Google your location." there was a minute of silence. "JK. I have a witch."

Saying that, Stefan went into his room with the bottle of Whiskey mixed with Vervain. He didn't looked sad anymore. He was cheerful in a long time. Damon was happy that his brother was recovering. This gave him hope. He knew that Stefan loved Elena as much as he did. So, if Stefan could get better, even he could.

The End

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