Chapter 10


Before i begin this chapter i just wanna go on the record i didn't get much sleep last night so i'm sorry if there is any spelling errors and i dont feeel like checking0 them...

Chris; Hello?
Me: hi hun i have bad news..
Chris: omg whats wrong????????
Chris:Tell me
Me:Yulll Be maad.
Chris: no i won't i promise.
Me: weeeell i cut...
Chris: WHY THE F*** DID U CUT???
Me:because i neeed u to be here everyone is so mean to me, i get threatened everyday. and it's ur moms fault why u cut.
My dad in the backround: hey bud it's time for dinner!
Me:listen babe i gotta go i'll call u after.
Chris k i love u
Me love u too.


Shorty after dinner i went back to my phone and texted chris(price)-not the guy i walked with-:well i'm sorry babe that i cut and i promise i'd stop buti can't not without u here...                    hey i'm going to new york with the school band, maybe we can  meet... : yeah i heope so i texted back.
well i'm tired i texted him as quickly. i love u and i'll talk to u tomorrow. shortly after i closed my eyes and drifted off into a horrid dream

The End

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