Chapter 8

Well skipping to Chapter 8 cuz this part of the stroy is frikken boring me                     


I headed home in the pouring rain all wet and sad but oh so lonely. i walked thru the door when my dad aked, hey bud-WHY DO U HAVE A BLACK EYE???!!!! he then screamed at me. I'm fine dad ust please leave me alone...i said as i floated oh so silently to my room like a mad ghost but i wqas feeling so-so lonely. Then i decided to message chris(pikalover22 ) on facebook, i clicked on his name and typed into the message box:I spent my whole f******* day, with MORONS with IQ's smaller then their f****** shoe sizes because apparently, the way i dress is a 'health and safety issue' and 'effecting my education'. Idiots. I can't remember the last time I was just standing in school f****** slugging it out by myself OR the last time somebody picked on me saying i'm gay i mean come on!he soon maessage back say: u shudnt be treat like a piece of garabe i love u and thats all that matters. ok well i gtg take a shower and then we'll talk over webcam i. i said back.k.he said. well my lifes been turned upside down from him, i say to Haley as she listens with a simpathetic ear while we webchat thru webcam as i rest my chin on my hands. Well sweetie, i think u shud break up with him ya know, i mean, well, he live's SO far away and i dont wanna see u get hurt. HEY! if anybody would get hurt here its him he would make his legs look like a cutting board and get REALLY high. we both start agrueing and we end up apologizing and just ending the converstation. i go into my bathroom turn on the water slowly like if i do it too much it'll set off a bomb. ugh,i say to myself as i start to cry.why doesn't anyone like me....



The End

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