Chapter 6


I really wish that people would understand: being mean DOESN'T make you popular I texted my bffl haley (aka RamonaRene) she texted back I know. Anyway I gtg got class luv ya lovie. U2 I texted back. Ahh haley: she is about a size 8 in jeans has beautiful eyes. Brown and blond hair-she gets the best of both worlds-and a gorgeous smile. But- ya know what I'm going to get off track here. Well I like to remember how things were back when they had courage the cowardly dog on air. Think about how simple that time was. And every time I do, I hurt a little inside because I miss courage the cowardly dog and I miss my youth. Now, lets get back to the story. The truth hurts I say quietly to myself as I quietly enter the biology room I see the worst person on the earth…Courtney burch. Courtney Burch is the Biggest B**** In The Whole Wide WORLD…as I walk in she says, hey look its gaaaaaaaaaaaaarrett humf that Gaylord. Shut up whore I say, coming from you it doesn't mean much,he says. Niether does your face. I say. Settle down settle down students. Fine, I say o myself as I sit down next to chris lee. Let the fun begin…

The End

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