Chapter 5


Oh s***, i say under my breath as I saw him running down the hall towards me, i just stood there waiting to die. Hi gaylord, he said to me as he punched me in my stomach and started stomping on me when Luki Freeman(Darkishpoem) started coming at them when he ran away. Are you okay? he asked as he helped me up.Im terrible, i said trying to hold back my tears-i know how "manly" of me to hold them back- He's an a******, don't worry about 'em, he said profusely. I laughed, I'm glad we both agree on trhat, i said. You want me to bring you to the principal? he asked. Nah, i said quickly. She won't do anything about it. Really? You'd think she would... he said quietly. True dat, i said. He laughed as we walked down the hall until i started getting tired, so when i decided to sit down i asked, Hey, shouldn't you be in class or something? Nah, I'm in study hall, the teacher won't care. Ok, i said.

So as we walked down the hall towards the senior lounge-sadly I'm not a senior wah- We had a stimulating conversation on how awesome chocolate was when I saw kyle harassing a student so I walked up to him and I said, hey kyle, why don't you leave this kid alone? He said, why don't you go **** your boyfriend? I would buuuuuuuuuut he's not here so buh bye. I said. And he walked away.

The End

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