Chapter 3



As soon I got to my study hall I realized that Kyle was standing there talking to his friends (stupid jocks of course) and I sat down and started reading the Untamed by P.C. and Kristen Cast. When Kyle came over and said, hey why weren't you by your locker today?" and I say. "I really didn't feel like get hit and I'm not stupid."
"Apparently you are."he said
"Apparently, I don't care, please leave me alone."
"Yes!"I said as I slammed the book on the desk,"You people have been treating me like this for to long and I'm sick of it. I'm not normal, who the hell cares, I'll never be normal so you and all your little friends can go f*** off."
All he did was swear and go back to his friends as I went back to reading my book.

I was getting to a good part when this kid named Richi(kyles brother) threw a paper at me saying:gay gay gay gay gay!
"You guys are sooo immature, why can't you guys grow up?"I yelled across the room. "Seriously, it's NOT funny. You guys think your all that and your cool but your NOT."
I also yelled as I walked out of the room and went to ISS for the rest of the period. As I took out my phone from my bag I quickly texted to my sister LHaley(RamonaRene):hey omg people are sooo f****** mean up here I miss u!
I received a text back saying: don't worry bout em they're just jealous. I  she messaged back:Lmessaged back: jealous of what the stupid gay kid? Ya right  sorry im in class ttyl luv ya bro. u2 I messaged back. Then the bell rang.
I hastily moved through the stupid crowd of kids they call students at moriah-I can say proudly that there are a few nice people in this school like luki-as I walked into the gym I noticed that not a lot of students were in the gym so I decided to sit and draw in my notebook. I was drawing blood coming off of a blade through a heart when I noticed that I hardly noticed when the the gym teacher walked through the door of her office then the second bell rang notifying us that the period has started. Man, I HATE gym...

The End

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