Chapter 2



I checked my phone once more to see that I had a message waiting for me on, It said. Hi whats up garrett? Omg I hate school. Whatcha doin? I messaged back: noooot much…lol me 2. and im in resource. Ttyl kenzie. (yup kenzie your in my story go DEVIANT!!!!!!!!) K, she messaged back. As I slammed my books on the table, threw my bag on the floor, and put my earphones in and rocked out to Just Tonight by The Pretty Reckless. About  5 seconds after that I drank some more Snapple and started to draw Aphrodite-the godess of love. As I was flipping through my phone I noticed the teacher glaring at me so I decided to write the rest of my English essay. After I had finshed I'd noticed only a half an hour had passed sp I decided to finish my demon drawing. Then the bell rang…

The End

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