The underground is full of powerful Vampires called the Aristocrats. New-york is one of those very Vampires. It seems that American vampires are drawn to the Goth ways.


               The rock music was engulfing the whole club.  The indecisive beat coaxing everyone to dance in a wild fashion.  The red liquid in the wine glass in my hand was rippling from the beat of the music and I swirled it around the glass cup before taking a gulp of the sugary drink.  It was called “Blood”, a vampire energy drink, it’s not close to what they drink but it was good enough for the people here at this club.  I was here every night, you could say that this was my own personal hang out and everyone here were my friends, here atFangsthe regulars all knew each other and the new comers didn’t leave without meeting at least half the people in the club.

          Though this place was open to everyone it attracted the likes of most Goths in the area.  I took a sip of my drink.

          “What is it you want,” my voice cut through the sound of the rampaging music.  I was sitting on the red couch near the back of the club and someone was hovering over me.  A skinny arm wrapped around me.  Soft lips brushed against my exposed neck.

          “Nothing much,” her dark, seductive voice replied.  “I can’t spend quality time with my New-york?”

          “Good-grief,” was my soft reply.  Her sweet scent flooded my nose, added to something else that I’d rather not think about.  “You pick the most random, crowded places to spend quality time with a guy like me.”  She sat next to me and snuggled under my arm.  “Why don’t you simply call me October, you know how to.”

          She smiled that little half-smile thing she always uses on me.  Her lips were glossy black, it was one of the lip-glosses she preferred to use when she was in a good mood, and she wore plenty of eye-liner.  Long black hair covered the words on her shirt but I’d already seen it before, because it was mine, it said “Life only sucks when you have Fangs.”  My hand slid up her neck to her chin and I angled her head upward to get a better look at her eyes, she always wore black contacts to hide her green eyes, and I could see something else.  She bit her bottom lip and turned her head.

          “Thought I told you to lay off of that stuff,” I muttered.  “Good-grief, you’re going to kill yourself.”

          “They were smoking it in the car,” she defended herself.  “What was I supposed to do?  I tried saying no but they kept pushing me to do it.”  I made her look at me then.

          “Yeah but I told you to lie off of that stuff,” my voice was calm but stern.  “And I meant it the first time I said, but I’ll say it again in hopes that it gets imprinted in your brain.”  She looked me in the eye and that’s when I saw the familiar glazed look in them.  “No more smoking, I don’t care if it’s weed or just a normal cigarette, it’s not good for you, this is the last time I’ll tell you that.”

          She nodded and when I broke eye contact was back to her normal self.  “So are you thirsty?”  I shook my head and then felt a tug on my arm.  “Well let’s dance a little before everyone starts to sit down and order food.”  I allowed her to drag me toward the middle of the dance floor.

          Almost immediately she and a swarm of girls surrounded me.  “It’s New-york,” they cried over the music.  I smirked and began to move to the beat, not the beat of the music, but my own beat, which a lot of people began to follow.  It was Goth girl heaven and I saw a few guys begin to sulk, but they easily timed into my beat and kept dancing. 

          “Damien,” I called over the music, though he was already headed towards me.  He was full of energy and was wearing a number of pins on his shirt, even the classics.  Like, “Join the dark side we have cookies”. 

          “Hey New-york!  I haven’t seen you all night!”  He sounded tired but I knew better.  His body rarely tired out, especially in the middle of such a crowded night such as this.  All the regulars were here.  Draven, Echo, Grey, Jet, and the list goes on.

          He’d probably only left the dance-floor for some “Blood” so that he could keep on going until the end of the night.  Wouldn’t be the first time that it’s happened, and it was going to happen again.  We spent most of that night on the dance floor, not just dancing, but mingling with all of our friends, meeting some new-comers that were nervous to leave the front door.  And we ended up at the booth, the one closest to the back doors with two lights and one busted light bulb, with red leather and eight menus already there in the usual spot on the table, inviting us over, considering the waitresses already knew that we’d be coming over by the end of the night.

          When I had finally pulled myself from the floor two of us were already there.  Jinx and Levana, the Jokers, as we call them.  They weren’t pranksters by any means, though, but that’s not what inspired their nickname.  Jinx and Levana, Levana and Jinx, they were like twins, inseparable, though Jinx was only about 5’5” with short black and pink hair and Levana was tall with long blond hair and pale skin, like the little joker and the big joker.  As Damien and I sat down I realized that they were eyeing the same guy. 

          Damien’s eyes moved to the guy as well, did I mention the guy was bi?  And rolled my eyes and snapped my fingers.  Their attention went to me, like I’d snapped them out of an intense trance.

          “Oh hey-,” Jinx began.

          “New-york,” Levana finished.  She sighed.  “Hot Goth eye candy is gone now!”

          “Hey Jinx, Levana, were you guys on the dance floor earlier because I didn’t see you at all,” I spoke ignoring their feminine moment. 

          “No we weren’t there-.”

          “Just stalking mister hottie in the skin tight jeans over there,” the twins said together.  I shook my head.  “What?”

          “You have to admit he is the definition of hotness,” Jinx said.

          “Weird, last I looked in the dictionary the word hotness had my name next to it,” I told them and they laughed.  Rave slid into his place on my left, looking as exhausted as he probably felt.  “Hey Rave, how you holdin’ up?”

          “Better than last week,” he replied in a soft spoken voice that had kind of an edge to it, something that said he didn’t want to start a conversation anytime soon, I ignored it considering it’s the edge that he always seemed to have now-a-days.  Rave had some problems at home.  Which is why theFangs is a home to him, where he’s got no problems, just friends all around him, even if one of his friends were one of the weirdest teenagers on the planet.  The waitress walked past and took our orders, then invited me to the kitchen.  She took me to the back and outside.

          I saw the knife and I smiled.  She cut a small slit in her neck and the smell of blood hit me and my fangs grew.




When I got back to the booth everyone was there with the addition of Wednesday and Snow.  Rave moved to let me into my place between him and Damien, who was talking pretty fast about a guy he was making out with behind theFangslast year.  Something I preferred not to hear.

          “Take a break,” I said to Damien, who took a hint and without slowing down changed the subject.  Our food arrived after a couple minutes and I pulled out my flask.  Everyone quieted down a little as I poured the red liquid on the hamburger.  They all knew what I was, a Vampire.  “You guys don’t have to get nervous every time I take out my blood flask.”

          Rave spoke first, “It’s just weird that one of my best-friends actually needs a blood flask.  Among other things you are in the underground Vampire world.  What was it you said?  New Yorks Baron, that’s why you’re known as New-york, are you ever going to tell us your real name?”

          “Better if you recognize my past life as non-existent and know me as New-york,” I said.  “I shouldn’t have told any of you about the fact that I’m an ignored Baron of the underground council Vampire’s Curia.  Excuse me, Wednesday shouldn’t have told you and my Servus shouldn’t have been in agreement.”  Wednesday was the only other vampire and the only one here who should know about what I’m talking about besides Damien.  Damien, like the club’s waitress, are what’s known as my Servus.

          A Servus is the slave of a vampire.  Usually it’s created when surviving a vampire’s bite, which is difficult considering the blood loss during feeding, either they are really lucky, or the vampire planned on creating them and didn’t take too much blood.  I’ve been 17 since the 1400’s and have had a number of three Servus’s my whole life, my first girl-friend, the Waitress here named Lucy, and Damien.  I created Damien two years ago along with Lucy; they’re twins in that way.  It happened here at theFangswhere I had become a regular, the owner knew me because I had donated a substantial amount of money toward the establishment, and how I had the money he hadn’t asked and didn’t care.

          Damien had first started going to the club and at the time was looking for someone to experiment with so that he had his sexual preferences correct on Facebook (I don’t know why he had to go that far to do so), and thought that Goth guys were cute, which we are, and are pretty laid back about the topic of homosexuality unlike most guys.  He met me there, back when I didn’t care much for the human race, and I played along, pretending to be homosexual just so I could get him to the back of the club, next to the dumpster, where people didn’t usually go and the view was blocked from the street and his body could be easily disposed of.  As he went for the kiss I went for the neck, he was stricken with panic, but with my strength there was no way he could get out of my grip.  A chemical in Vampire saliva that can mix with either Testosterone or Estrogen to create a numbing, sexual, sensation entered his blood stream and calmed him down, making him almost want more.

          Had it not been for Lucy, who had come to take out the garbage and saw us, I would have ended his life.  I had dropped Damien’s limp body and quickly covered Lucy’s mouth before a scream could come forth from the mouth which was open in awe.  She was screaming and thrashing about, and I knew that if I let her go she’d tell someone about what had happened.  And even if no one believed the whole fangs thing Damien was dead.  So I bit her as well, and that’s when Damien so conveniently awoke and stopped me.  They were both reborn that day.

          They couldn’t go against a direct order from me, they arrived whenever I needed them without a word needing to be said, and they are linked to me so that if I have an over-powering emotion they can feel it.  And they are both directly linked to Sanguis, the underground Vampire society, whom has ignored the United States and its Baron since the coming of the Great Migration in years 1910-1970 which brought many Vampire slayers to the country.   Many vampires didn’t survive.

          “Sorry,” Damien said softly.  “I didn’t think it would anger you.”  I smiled at Damien.

          “Mistakes happen now and again, I’m not angry with you Damien,” I said to him.  “Anyway, I know I’ve said this a million times but keep all this on the down low.  It’s against Sanguis law for you to know about anything me and Wednesday have told you all, the penalty is something I wouldn’t want to go through myself.  Now Snow, about the guy you were talking to yesterday…”

          Her face flushed and all hell exploded at our booth.  A chorus of demonic “who now?” and the ever so unforgettable “I gotta meet him first.”

          The day went on pretty much like that until people started heading home.  Me and my little circle headed out the back exit.  “There’s one thing I’ve always wanted to ask,” Rave said.  I nodded for him to continue.

          “Why did you become a Goth,” he questioned.  “I mean, you’re a wealthy vampire Baron and all, even if Sanguis doesn’t recognize you.  So why?”

          I actually had to put some thought into my reply.  “It’s a certain allure I have to the “apparently” dark ways of Goths.  They have their own way of seeing the world.  They’re misunderstood, like I am.  And to be honest, a vampire in America, we don’t just become Goth.”

          They all were looking at me, expectant, like I was telling them the meaning of life.  “Vampires are often dark, secluded, and pale skinned.  It’s not who I am that is Goth.  It’s what I am.”  Their eyes lit up.

          “So you couldn’t imagine being with any other clique,” Jinx asked Wednesday.

          “More like I wouldn’t fit in any other clique and I could never live without you and the others as my friends,” was her true reply.

          “Yeah, they need us you guys,” Damien said and put his arm around my shoulder.  “We’re their human gang.”

          I laughed a little.  October smiled at me.  “Why haven’t you made all of us your Servus like you made Damien?”  She’s always wanted to be my Servus, I’ve always refused.  The kind of emotional tie she wants with me I can’t give to her.

          “Because I don’t need to,” was my reply.  “You guys are my friends.  Even Damien.  Not my slaves.”  She nodded slowly, letting it sink in that I have no intention of ever making her like Damien and Lucy. 

          But if there is one thing I know about humans it’s that they never give up so easily.  I’ve never expected them to, not since my birth as a vampire.

The End

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