Gossip! 3

This year, the student council commitee organised a dance. I was on it, and asked my class for suggestions. Ashley immediately shouted out an idea- Going in "pairs", as in with boys. All the girls immdeiately turned stiff, and glared at her. I hated the idea, but as a form rep I had to write it down.

My friends and I were really mad. None of us had any boyfriends, and it was obvious that Ashley was just showing off. At recess she told Paris and Bella her idea and they loved it. They were confident that they were going to get dates.

But who cared what they thought. No matter what, it wasn't going to happnen.

So I thought.

Ashley was appointed the chief organizer of the dance.  I was outraged. She didn't do ANYTHING. Instead, she made others do it for her. But, as no one wanted to let the school down, we worked hard...

The End

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