Gossip! 2

We had had enough of Ashley. She was mean and selfish. But ignoring us, she continued to be around Nick. We all wanted to know what Nick saw in her. My friend once tried to ask him, but he started swearing. I didn't dare ask him, I didn't him to hate me as well.

Their relationship grew. They would talk. They would hold hands. Nick once gave her a necklace. And he said that he was going to give her a kiss one day. But before I tell you about that, I ought to tell you that Nick had a best friend, also popular, Tod.

When they were about to kiss, Tod was standing right beside them. Thank you Tod. They eventually didn't.

Later, all the boys grew jelous of Nick and started to like Ashley as well. All except Tod. Tod didn't like Ashley. Me and my friends were with him. To get him angry, Ashley would sit next to Nick in class. Unlike usual, Tod was alone. This was their plan against Tod the whole time. They wanted to get him really angry to make him look bad.

I was destroyed.

I disliked it.

I hated it.

Nick, if you read this. I want you to know that you should regret this...

The End

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