This is my first chapter on protagonize, and I wanted to tell you why I am writing this. I feel that this word hits me.


I feel different when I hear this. Excited, because gossip is always juicy and sweet like an orange.I want to know.

Hurtful. Gossip may be real, or fake. But no matter what, it can hurt others.

I want to share a story that I experienced in my middle school years. We all know that everyone wants to be on top. And in every school there are one to three girls and boys that are the most popular in the school. In my school it's Paris, a blonde, and her sidekick Bella, a brunette. It seems so obvious that all the boys fall for them. They are pretty, have all the new trends and are cool in every way. But then the next year a new girl came. Her name was Ashley. From the day she walked in the school gates, I knew that she was "popular girl" material.

Ashley was the first to get a boyfriend. His name was Nick. He was the most popular boy in the school. Ashley knew that others also liked Nick, so she would always use her evil mind to make them jelous.

We couldn't stand Ashley. She was nice if you look deep deep deep down inside her. But she never tried. All day she would hang around Nick. I had been at the school for a while, and knew Nick very well. He was sweet and funny.(I had a crush on him too) After meeting Ashley he changed.

Ashley was officially on top of the popularity ladder. That is why Paris and Bella started hanging out with her.  Of course I didn't like Paris or Bella. Although they (Paris, Bella and Ashley) were acted nice, they would act all hot around the boys to impress them. Paris had been crushing on Nick a long time, that's why they were all around Ashley.

I admit that Ashley was pretty, but she was not any different from any of us. She was a lot meaner and had no self-control over herself. As I still said before, this is all part of what we know as GOSSIP...

The End

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