Tianna, Queen and Mother

 The momeries of the hunter took place here, on this very tree branch a long time ago.

Rossetta sat in the very spot she is in now.

Playing with the blossoms and then she stopped moving, her face stunned. I can't move. Rossetta thought as she fell from the branch and hit the mossy ground below. Her lovely blue outfit and pale pink ringlets, didn't let her blend into the green earth. The only thing she could move, were her eyes. She looked up at the tree branch she once sat on, a human with a mask on came into sight, dark green pants with the same colour t-shirt, green army colours, paint, painted on the arms of the human. In the hand of the human, he held a metal spray can, on the can said "Fariy Paralyzer"

When did humans learn about that herb? Rossetta thought as the human reached down to pick up Rossetta, something sifted by the huge covered hand and moved the hand away from Rossetta's motionless, fragile body. The human looked in the direction of his hand went to, he saw nothing over in the direction. He took out a little element necklace. He held it up high above his head, as the sunlight showing through a little opening in the trees above. The red stone didn't glow in the sunlight. "Must not be a fairy.", The human said. Then a wailing scream came from the forest around the human. A banshee scream. Death is approaching. He thought. Then he spoted a lovely, graceful lady dancing elegantly. As he watched her dance, he walked closer to her as she still danced, inviting him to come closer to her. So he walked even closer to her as she said "I think of you everyday."  as his eyes went at a dazed when she said that. Then, when he was a few feet away from her, she swiftly turned into a cobra and striked a lethal blow at him.

A female naga and a banshee scream. I never have seen or heared one beofore and I don't like the banshee scream. Such an awful sign. Such an awful thing to happen to a human. Rossetta thought as she saw what has happened to the human.

"Rossetta? Where are you?", A Tianna called out. "Mmmm. MMMM!", Rossetta said loudly from the bottom of her throat. Tianna looked around to see where she was calling from. Then she looked down on the ground below and saw a lovely blue colour and pale pink shine on the ground. When she saw that it was Rossetta. She fluttered as fast as she could, sparkled dust and a little cute bell rang has she flow down to Rossetta's aid. "What happened to you, my dear child?", Tianna asked. Rossetta just looked at Tianna.

Tianna noticed what Rossetta's symptoms were when she just looked at her. "The herb! Did something use the herb on you, Rossetta?", Tianna asked. "Mmm-hmm.", Rossetta said. Tianna picked Rossetta up and carried her back to Faylinn.

The banshee scream was a horried thing to hear at my age at the time. Rossetta thought. Tianna is our queen and our mother to everyone in Faylinn.

The End

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