Thirteen: Something of Love....

 I followed the same directions as when I was to do my handiwork at her place, parking right before her building. Something of anxiety filled me, but I smiled, turning off the car and making my way to her flat.

  "Hi Andrea," I grinned as she opened the door. "You look great." And she did. I was in no way an expert on any kind of fashion but from what I had seen Andrea was a sight.

 "Thank you," she flushed slightly. "You look pretty good yourself."

  I shifted somewhat awkwardly. For some reason today it took me the longest time to pick out a shirt and I still didn't seem happy with it. At least it was clean and respectable. I shrugged, half chuckling, "Thanks. Are you ready?"

 She smiled, making her eyes light up. I thought she had the prettiest eyes, though I think it would sound truly ridiculous to say that. "I have no idea where this place is, so you'll have to be my GPS." I guided her to my car, a somewhat older thing. Not a total piece of junk. Hey, I kept it in order and running.

 Andrea directed me to the restaurant, the one she had suggested on the phone. I flicked off the car once more and we bent our way into the place, where we were easily given tables.


 "This is very good," I swallowed, dabbing my face with the napkin. "My new favorite restaurant!"

  She laughed, setting aside her own utensils and sitting back against her chair. We had had the most intruging conversations, though said in a light-hearted fashion. It seemed we were different, though very similar in some aspects, and enjoyed talking of many of the same things. Andrea titled her head, saying, "What? What's wrong?"

 I snapped back into reality, alarmed as realizing I was staring. "Oh. Nothing." I muttered, trying to shake it off.

 "No, what? Do I have something in my teeth or something...?" Andrea leaned closer, baring her teeth.

"No!" I insisted. She glanced at my suspicously. "You....look very beautiful."

 She appeared somewhat taken aback, her cheeks reddening. "Very beautiful," I murmured, holding her eyes with mine. For a moment, it was like silence had come into the room, but there was still chatter ongoing all around us.

 "....and here's your bill," the waiter strolled over, yanking us from what seemed like something of an intimate moment as he slid the paper onto the table.

"Oh, thanks," I said, somewhat remorsefully, simply handing him my credit card. The man walked off, and Andrea began digging in her purse. "No-you don't have to pay for anything!"

"You want me to tip him?" she fanned out a few dollars.

I waved it off, "He'll put it on my card. Hey! I am taking you out, yes?"

Without arguing, Andrea put away the money and the man returned with my credit card, bidding us a good night. We stood, making our way out of the place and back to the car. We rode near quiet, Andrea gazing out the window. I took the chance to glance at her in between driving, hoping that she couldn't see out the corner of her eye.

As we pulled up to her house, she turned to me, her hand grabbing about the door handle. "I had a great night, Keith."

"Yeah," I nodded. "Me too."

There was a pause. Unsure of what to do or say, I continued, "Maybe we can...hang out soon?"

"I would like that," Andrea smiled. "Well....good-night."

Tentatively, I leant in towards her, and for a moment, she paused. Andrea then bent towards me as well, allowing me to brush my lips against hers. For a brief time, she kissed back. We were close; I could smell her perfume. I reached up, tracing my hand through her hair, somewhat uncertain if I was pushing it or not.

She recoiled slightly, her eyes glistening. "Good-night, Keith," she murmured, a half smile creeping up her lips. Quickly, Andrea slipped from the car, glancing over her shoulder as I watched her head toward her building.


The End

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