Twelve: A Date?

For Andrea, waiting for a phone-call was not as arduous a task as it had been for Keith.

It came on the second Saturday evening after they had first met, whilst Andrea was just waving off the electricity repairman, £225 shorter in flat funds, but with a powerful working oven.

On hearing it ring, she pounced on the mobile in her usual way and picked up the call just in time.

“Andrea Ford speaking.”

“It’s Keith.”

“Oh, Keith! I didn’t recognise the number…”

Andrea cursed herself silently for not adding Keith’s number beforehand. Perhaps the lady had not assumed that there would be anything more between them.

Keith read her mind.

“That’s okay, Andrea… Anyway, I was just thinking maybe we could meet up sometime. We could go to that nice restaurant we were at on Thursday again, if you want…”

Andrea stood in silence for a second. Was he asking her on date? Andrea didn’t know whether she really felt anything at all for Keith. And then there was the issue of the ex-girlfriend; did he still like her? People don’t just leave pictures of their former partners in coat pockets… Andrea knew that she wasn’t ready to drop everything for a man who could drop her for a previous lover. ‘Regrettable and un-reinforced rebound’ as Alexis would call it.

“A-Andrea? Are you still there?” Keith stuttered.

The lady looked to the newspaper left from the past two weeks, one particular ad in the couples section circled in red felt tip.

Her throat went dry.

“Y-yeah, I’m still here.”

Then she became more confident of herself; harbouring in on the little beauty she possessed and transferring it into words she knew he’d want to hear.

“Yeah, okay, I can meet up with you. Paolo’s Restaurant… Monday evening… 6:30pm. Is that okay for you? I have the day off on Monday so I’ll have the time to prepare.”

“Right, yes, I’ve got that down.” Keith responded eagerly.

The two said their goodbyes and there was a definite something in the air as Andrea put her phone down. Keith’s final words buzzed in her mind:

“It’s a date.”

Yes, but is it really?

The End

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