Eleven: Hopes


A picture drifted from my coat pocket to the floor. Before I could move to it, she bent and took it from it's place. Something flashed across her face as she looked to it. With something of alarm I realized it was the picture of Christine and I. I must have not gone through this coat yet.

I reached to take it, but she held it firmly in her fingers, observing our faces. I realized what was on her face. Jealousy. It half gave me hope and half made me cringe. Maybe she did feel something for me. "Who's this?" she asked, as if trying to make general conversation, though there was a sharp edge in her voice.

"Well...," I shifted awkwardly. Lie or not to lie? Why lie? I sighed, maybe the beer emboldened me some, “My ex….girlfriend. Hah, guess I haven’t gone though this coat yet.” I gently took it from her fingers, crumpling it in my fist before placing it on my dirty plate to be thrown out.

It seemed as if she heard the sadness tinged in my voice, somewhat of a sympathetic look in her eyes. I swallowed, lowering my gaze. She carefully put her hand over mine. Abruptly I looked up to her, both of us flushing as we met each others gaze. What were we teenagers again, blushing like kids? I felt the intense desire to lean in and kiss her. We seemed to be both titling in toward one another, but as we neared, Andrea suddenly sat back, withdrawing her hand from mine. I snapped back to my former position, blinking away the thoughts. Was a stupid thought; barely knew each other.

“I should go. Its late.” she said briskly, somewhat flustered as she stood. A smile flickered on her face, “See you later?”

“Yeah, yeah,” I nodded, grinning. With a slight wave, she joined Alexis and went for the door, her friend’s amused eyes remaining on me until they turned the corner.

Humming merrily to myself, I looked to the shopping list she had scrawled her number on.

The End

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