Three: Wondering......


I set aside my phone, briefly taking a sip from my coffee as I looked about the small cafe. My mind wandered on Andrea, as I did a lot of the times. It seemed there was that one blissful her flat....She appeared so happy, her eyes so bright and full....and then that guy.....

Who was he?

She never really explained, and for a moment or two, I never doubted her quick deflation, her certain....thoughtfulness? But it made me think, how did she know him? Did it matter? Was he some ex-boyfiend? But then, how could she critisize me about meeting her at Andrea's work if....whoever he was....was--her ex, that is?

Urgh, I was probably over-reacting. I ran my hand over my face, and even though my phone did not budge, I could not help but take a glance at it. She was.....probably....I dunno...I could never understand women, I guessed. They were like a different breed of human.

There was something I did not like about 'Mr. Gorge', or whatever his name was. His clothes seemed mismatched, almost consciously careless, as if trying to make some sort of 'fashion statement'. He appeared so awkward, like a young boy on his first day of school.

Who was he? And what sort of person was he to have such an...impact?....on Andrea?

I looked at my phone again. I was going to everything to make this relationship work--I loved her.

And in the meanwhile, I was going to find out about this Lucas Gorge guy. Something about him was extraordinarily he and Andrea were hiding something from me.

The End

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