Two: A Day of Freedom...

Andrea was worrying. Sitting in her bed, he hands were fluttering over the piece of paper Lucas had given her. He had been blunt, he had been teasing, but he had just left her without much of an explanation.

Of course, Keith had started asking questions, but Andrea pretended to be as ignorant as him, when, down inside of her, she was burning up.

The fire of her heart overwhelmed all the other systems; it burnt her mind the most, the right became wrong, and wrong became oh so right.

Why has he come now? Was Andrea’s main question, and: Why does he want to cause me pain?

Because that was what Andrea was feeling; she was still reeling from the shock of it all, and had dismissed Keith from her flat under the pretence that she wasn’t feeling well. She couldn’t tell him yet…and then she would have to gather her things and move in with him. Andrea couldn’t face that yet; she wasn’t prepared to take back any promises she might have made on a whim.

Perhaps her confused mind would sort itself during sleep…


Andrea woke early in the morning, but had no need to prepare for work; luckily, on the exact day she wanted a day off, Andrea got her wish and wasn’t needed at the clinic.

She got up, had breakfast, washed and dressed…everything mundane. Yet, her life had changed so much in those past couple of months; her life was far from the dull show that she was giving this morning.

To think mere months ago I was moaning that I was alone. Now two men want me…

Andrea ignored the pang that went with those thoughts. She pondered, instead, on what to do with her free time.

She grilled a rasher of bacon she had found stuffed into the back of her fridge, admiring Keith's handiwork (her culinary skills had certainly improved since her cooker had been fixed), before remembering that the spare bacon was going to be a meal between Keith and herself one evening. Andrea was shocked that she could have forgotten! Once again, that was something else negative that had come from Lucas’ arrival…

And yet, she couldn’t get him out of her mind. He had some kind of spell-binding aura, the gorgeous mish-mash of colours on his clothing, the way he wore his hair: spiked and slightly damp, the way he moved and spoke… He was so unusual, like a human-robot. He was a new species of man to her…one who might make her happy…

Andrea pushed any thought of men out of her mind; today was going to be a girl’s day, a day for only Andrea herself.

She fetched the bacon from the grill and squished it into two slices of glorious white bread. No healthy food, Andrea was treating herself.

By quarter past nine, Andrea was flicking through the uninteresting channels, already bored. Beside her left hand was a bar of a Galaxy chocolate and, ever so often, she broke off a chunk and popped it into her mouth. Andrea was starting to get impatient with the amount of times the same episode of ‘Friends’ had rerun in two hours, when her phone buzzed like a large, insistent bee.

It was a text. From Keith.

Hey honey, I hope you get better soon. Text back when you can meet up. Love Keith x”

Frowning at the message, Andrea sighed and deleted it.

No boys, She mused to herself.


Ten minutes later, Andrea had given up with trying to find anything to watch that she would like, and was sitting up on her bed, her mind racing. She fingered the crumbled piece of paper with Lucas’ number on. She couldn’t give in, could she? Mr. Gorge was so mysterious…she needed to know.

Taking a deep breath, Andrea grabbed her phone and punched in the number. She sighed. There was only one way to find out…

The End

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