Twenty: Apologies and More...

Andrea finally pulled away and laughed. It was a clear laugh, full of bright happiness, which filled that room.

“Okay, Keith…”

Then it hit her how silly she had been. A deep red flush appeared on her cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” she admitted.

Keith frowned at Andrea, “What? You’re sorry? What do you mean?”

Andrea sighed, smiled and wrapped her arms up around Keith’s neck. She lifted a hand and caressed his stubbly cheek, looking deep into those chocolate eyes, deep pools of true emotion. It made Andrea feel even more guilty.

“I made a stupid- a jealous- mistake, I can see that now. I’ve never felt…anything before; I’ve never had even had a big brother, or a great male friend, to love, and I didn’t know what I was feeling. I thought that I was just angry at your…” Andrea stopped, she wasn’t sure what to say in that space. Infidelity? That’s so foolish a word, especially to describe our situation, which was far from...that…

“I was so foolish. I was angry, but I realised…”

She giggled, and cupped her hands around Keith’s face. It was like being young again…well, like being a teenager, there was a certain thrill to life again; something that Andrea could jump for joy at.

She kissed Keith, kissed those luscious lips and felt the sting of happiness that she had felt once before: when Keith had softly kissed her after their first date.

Andrea thought back to what he had said today. He had apologized, he had muttered about being a better partner from now on, but it was all meaningless to Andrea; the bond that they had formed between them could soar strong without words, nothing was needed at all. Petty sayings could not describe something this big.

“Move in with me,” Keith said, as they pulled away.

Andrea smiled, a little shocked. But it didn’t change anything. She was still certain that nothing would destroy the relationship they had just started to build up like it was their palace.

The doorbell rang, before Andrea could say a word.

“I didn’t know you had a doorbell,” Keith muttered, frowning slightly.

Andrea laughed again, in fact, she was starting to come down with a case of the giggles.

“Of course! It’s to the left, opposite the door handle.”

Keith laughed.

“Ah, I’m probably too tall to spot it!” He said.

Andrea relaxed, fulfilled and cheerful.

Whistling (which was something she didn’t really do that often), she walked to the door, calling back to Keith:
“I’ll get the door. Help yourself to anything from the fridge, or coffee, or even open a can of lager that I keep for special occasions.”

This time, Andrea had to almost stuff her hand into her mouth in order to stop the flow of giggles that were about to erupt. My, it really was like being a little, bubbly, ginger girl again.

Steadying herself, Andrea took one final look back towards Keith, and opened the door.

The End

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