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‘He’s  my  spare  mount  for shows,’  said Anna proudly. ‘I think I should have ridden him at  Wensbury  instead  of  Samba, because he’s  not such  a tearaway!’

She patted Mondy  on  the  neck, closed  the stable door and led  them down the yard.

Duke a  sturdy piebald  cob  gazed  over  the stable door and stamped his hoof for a tit bit.  ‘He is a sweetie, and very  quiet to ride,’ said Anna, proudly.

‘Samba is  next  door, he’s  the  chestnut  I  rode  at the show.’

‘I hope you can come and ride with me at weekends. There are  some  superb  tracks around the  estate,’  said Anna as she brushed hay off her jodhpurs.  

Sally and Jane nodded, both appearing slightly awestruck.

Alan  had  been  telling  Len  about  his  antique  business.  Julie, his  wife  joined  him  on  his quest as they  travelled around  the  country  visiting  antique  sales. Anna  remained  at  home  under the care  of   Maisy  the housekeeper.

‘Anna’s  keen  to make  new friends,’ said Alan as he put  his arm around  his daughter’s  shoulders.  

‘Thanks for showing us around the stables,’ said Len.  ‘I’ll bring the girls over next Saturday for the day.’    

Alan and Anna, watched as Len, and the girls walked back to the truck.  They waved to them as the Land Rover  turned  down  the track  towards the road.    

Later  that  night  at  the farm  Sally  leaned  out  of  her bedroom window.  Stars dotted  the  dark sky  like  tiny  jewels.  An owl  hooted  as  she watched  a  flock of  geese  fly  over  the  paddock  in  formation.  What  a  perfect  end  to  the  day!    

The End

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