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The girls alighted from the truck a few yards from the entrance to the show.  

‘Can you pick us  up  around  five o’clock Dad?’   Said  Sally  patting  him on the arm.   

‘Yes I’ll park outside the gate to the show.  Now listen you two, just stay together and don’t go  wandering  off on your own?’ said  Len.

They both nodded and scrambled out  of  the truck  slamming  the door behind them.   Len  turned  the Land Rover around  and headed  back to the  farm.

The girls paid their entrance fee at the gate.  Parents  holding  hands  with  their  excited  children, browsed the colourful stalls at the edge of  the show ring. A  delicious mixture of candy floss and fried bacon, filtered across the field from the tea tent.

 A rider astride a chestnut horse with  ears  pricked  and  elegant  tail  held high, trotted over to the  collecting ring, leaving behind  an  aroma of polished leather and hoof oil.   

 ‘What a beautiful horse,’ said Jane and Sally in unison.   

A battered  trailer advertising ‘George’s racing  geese’  caught  Jane’s  eye.   She  pulled  the  show  programme  out of  her  pocket, apparently  the  geese were  performing  at  ten  o’clock  in  the  main  ring.   Jane  tugged  Sally’s arm   and  they  went  over  to  join  the  crowd  of  spectators.  

Several  competitors  waited  in  the  ring,  with  their  border  collie  dogs dancing around  eagerly on  their leads.  George,  a  sturdy  man in blue overalls  unloaded twenty  geese from the trailer.  The  commentator’s voice  boomed  over the loudspeakers, ‘racing geese are about to perform’ and  the  dogs  barked in anticipation. 

George  walked  behind  the birds  as they honked loudly. With matching orange beaks and large  orange  webbed feet,  they waddled  along like  a line of comical soldiers on parade.     

The End

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