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Sally and Jane go to Wensbury show and win a piglet in the raffle. Jane catches a loose pony when the rider falls off in the ring. The girls are rewarded when Anna, owner of Samba, invites them to go and ride at her luxurious stables.

Sally  peered  at  her  alarm  clock  as  daylight  filtered  through the curtains and leapt  out  of  bed and  pulled on  a  polo  shirt  and  jeans.  From  underneath  the  bed  she  found  her comfy  trainers and pulled them on.       

In  the  farmhouse  kitchen  she  ate  a hasty breakfast  and   glanced  at  the kitchen clock.  Her Dad, Len,  a  tenant  farmer  on Oakridge farm,  was  out  milking  the cows.

Mum,  Laura walked  in the door  carrying  a  basket of eggs.   

‘Have you got a coat and what about sandwiches?’ she  said  smiling  at her daughter. She lifted the eggs carefully from the basket and  put  them  in  a  bowl  on the  kitchen cupboard.     

‘Yes Mum, I’ve made some  sandwiches  and  I’m taking  a  packet of crisps for lunch,’ said Sally  as she  put her breakfast bowl in the sink.  It  was  the day of Wensbury  show, and  she  was  going with  her best  friend Jane.    

‘Are you  ready Sally?’  Shouted  her  dad  from  the yard.

Sally put her  lunchbox  into  the  rucksack   and grabbed   her  coat from the back of the chair.

‘Bye Mum,  see  you  around  tea time,’  she said  and ran  out the door into the yard.      

Father  and  daughter  chatted  as  the  Land rover  trundled  down  the  country  lane.  

Jane  stood  waiting  at  her  garden gate. As  the truck  stopped at her house,  she opened  the door and  scrambled  into  the  passenger  seat  beside  Sally.

‘Thanks for the lift Mr Ross,’  said  Jane, grinning  at  her friend.

Horse boxes  and  cars   trundled  along  the  lane  through  Amble village.  An  old  man  raised  his  walking  stick  in greeting  to  the  drivers,   a  grin  on  his  wizened  face.



The End

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