Goodbyes.. enchanting. But why is it so precious? Why can't we let it go?

She looked so beautiful. So peaceful.
I had never seen someone so relaxed.
I sighed deeply and sat on the edge of her bed. I had just arrived at her house a few hours back. So that I could meet her one last time before going to my home. I recalled the last sixteen years which we had spent with each other. The best years of my entire life. Yes we were best friends. Inseparable to be precise.
I smiled unconsciously at our fond memories. So many memories.....together.
Still smiling faintly, I tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear. I wanted to see her face for the last time. I knew I would not be coming back. Ever.
My heart fluttered painfully.
Some decisions are so hard to made and even harder to follow.
Suddenly,I heard the room's door opening, ever so quietly. It was her mother. Peeking in at us with those pretty eyes. Pain was so clearly visible in them. My own tears welled up in my eyes.
OH I was so going to miss her too! Her chiming laughter, her bitter-sweet scoldings, her innocent smile...
I stood up sheepishly to apologize. But before I could murmur my hasty apology, she left the room.
I was so emotionally devastated that I had no energy to even follow her.
Sobbing, I sat back on the bed. This was going to be hard. This separation. Why now? I could have stayed back for few more days. I could have made sure that my departure would not be so heartbreaking as it was obviously now. But no.
I did not even got the time to realize when I got the stroke. When I took my last breaths. When my life slowly seeped out from my body. Oh just few more moments would have been sufficient to call mum and tell her that my chest was paining. But I never got the chance. Never.....
But yes I was given an opportunity to visit my family for the last time. To see my body before I departed to heaven.
To say my goodbyes...

The End

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