Goodbye Sanity

Terrible things happen to good people... deal with that. A terrible thing happened to a nice family one day. A little girl, about 13 years of age, lived with her father in a small town in Minnesota. Her father, like many other people at that time, owned a small farm.

 The girl had free reign if the property... with one exception. She was NOT aloud to climb up to the barns loft. But of course, as everyone would expect, she just HAD to climp that ladder. She just HAD to. So while her father is busy working in the field, she runs to the barn.

 The door creeps open and she slowly walks in, afraid someone might catch her. It's dark, and damp, and quiet. A few chickens scurry away out the door, some mice run under a pile of hay. She has a feeling that something bad will happen, but thinks nothing of it. She walks to the ladder and starts to climb it.... but she stops. The young girl is looking at her father's pitchfork. Afraid she might cut herself comming down the ladder, she moves it over a little and procedes to climb the latter.

She reaches the top, excited, curious. Only to be disapointed that there is nothing up there. A real bummer. Nothing but hay... and mice!! one scurries across her shoe. She screams diving backwards. She reaches for the railing but of course there isn't one. No, that isn't how this story goes. A young girl ignores her fathers command, to not go onto the loft. She gets a scare, learns her lesson and appologizes to her daddy. Happy ending.

 Oh, no. It doesn't go that way. She falls off the balcony. Perhaps she would have survived of she would have hit the floor, but instead she lands on the pitchfork. The one she moved because she didnt want to scrape herself. She got more than a scrape. The girl impaled herself. Hearing her screams, her father hurries to her help. He finds his daughter a mangled bloody mess. A human cabob. Allready a victim to the mice. He is heart broken. He sits in shock.

 CLICK!!! That is the sound of his sanity going away. CLICK!! Say goodbye! He carries his daughter (pitchfork and all) outside. He sits her underneath what used to be her favorite tree. He grabs his shovel and starts to dig, dig, dig. He digs a grave for his daughter. But that is not good enough for a lovely young lady like his daughter. She needs a casket. So he makes her one. It is night when he is done. She can't have a proper burial service at night. Oh no!!!

He carries his daughter into her bead, tucks her in, and kisses her blood smeared cheek. "Night night." he says to his human, daughter, cabob. Morning comes. He awakes and checks on his daughter. 'She looks pale... I'll give her time. Maybe I'll eat breakfast. Then we can burry her.' he thinks. Breakfast passes, so does her funeral. He puts his daughter in her casket, lowers her in the ground, but before he fills the grave.. he takes the pitchfork out of her body. Just in case he needs it. The grave gets filled, nighttime comes, bed time arrives.

 The man goes to his room, a smile on his face, blood, dirt on his hands. He crawls into bed without washing up. But he hears something... 'Scratch, scratch, scratch, scream, sceam, scream.' And he hears it again and again. Its coming from outside. The screams, he remembers it. It's his daughter! She's alive!! CLICK!!!! The sanity seems to return to him. He runs outside, to his daughters shallow grave. The screaming has stopped. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe he was hearing things. He has to make sure. He digs with his bare hands, opens the casket... and screams at the sight

. His daughters face, scratched and mangled, terrified. Her hands, cut, no nails, bruised, broken. Her body, bloody, ripped, torn, disected. The casket, scratched, broken. The realization hit him hard and fast. He had buried his daughter alive, and she was screaming for help, but her didnt listen. CLICK!!!! Goodbye sanity, it was nice knowing you.

The End

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