Would you take my hand?

We didn't go back inside.

As soon as you got up, you pulled me away from where the venue was. "Uh, Emma? The prom is that way?" I asked, unsure as to where you were leading me. "Micheal, have you SEEN my dress?" you responded, sounding slightly irritated, "I'm going back in there looking like this." "So where are we going?" I asked back, slightly surprised about what you had just said. You agreed to dance with me, but I didn't know where you wanted to go.

"You'll see," you answered, glancing back at me for a second. You were smiling, as if nothing happened.

As if you didn't come here with Chris.

As if you didn't get your dress ruined by some douche who wanted to continue a fight.

As if you didn't run outside to cry about how your night was ruined.

Was I really able to convince you otherwise?

"We're here," you said, interrupting my thoughts, "We can still hear the music from here, so it should be okay." I looked around to see where it was that you lead me. I saw daisies, tulips, roses growing everywhere in abundance. The scent of the flowers were aromatic, as if they were nature's perfume. There was the fish pond with the small waterfall, and the sound it makes relaxes me. I haven't let go of your hand yet.

"Do you remember this place?" you asked me, interrupting my thoughts again. Then again, you didn't have to ask. I still remember this place clearly. "This is where I first met you," I responded to you, much to your surprise, "This used to be the playground where I saw you on that swing." "It's been a long time since then," you responded, "They turned the whole thing into a park with a convention center," you continued, "How'd you recognize it?"

"It's hard to forget places where you've seen something beautiful," I answered, seeing you smile as I did, "Aside from the flowers that were growing, there was you, after all." "Oh please, Micheal, I wasn't beautiful. I was just a kid back then," you replied, looking down with a smile on your face.

"Yeah? Well, in my eyes, you were."

"This is the last song for the night, so everyone pair up with your partners because this night is about to end," the speakers from the convention center rang out. I didn't realize it was that late into the night already. You giggled, saying, "Well, what are you waiting for? Shall we dance?" "Yeah. Let's dance," I responded to you, looking back to where you were. "Can I Have This Dance?" played on the speakers. Typical high school prom song, what else were we supposed to expect?

But I didn't bother with it. Instead, I started pulling you closer to me as we danced in the center of the garden. That night was something I would never forget. As that one lamp lit up our dance floor, everything seemed like magic. The fireflies came out and danced around us as I spun you around. It may sound a bit cliche, but it seemed as if time slowed down when I was with you. I still haven't let you go.

"We should head back," you said as the song ended. Prom night was ending and you still seemed a bit disappointed. I looked at the flower bushes, looking for that one flower that reminded me of you. "Come here," I told you as I pulled you towards the flower bush. I plucked one out and placed it on your ear. It was a Stargazer.

"I don't want you to remember this night as the night Chris ruined everything," I told you as I fixed your hair, "I want you to remember this night as the night you were as beautiful as this flower. The night you were as amazing as a Stargazer."

"Micheal..." you responded, while holding on to me hand, "Can you promise me something?" "And what would that be?" I asked back at you, looking into your eyes that seemed to sparkle under the light of the fireflies.

"Promise me that you'll never let me go. That you'll always stay by my side like this."

"I promise."

I still haven't let go of your hand.

The End

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