Can I have this dance?

You ran outside of the venue and hid somewhere to cry. I went outside to look for you. I was worried about you. It was the first time I'd seen you cry, and I wasn't sure what to do.

"This night was a mess," you said to me as you cried. I sat down next to you. I didn't know what to say. "Maybe I would've been better off not coming here," you told me without looking up. "Come on, don't say that, Emma," I replied, trying my best to comfort you.

"Why shouldn't I?!" you screamed as you looked at me, tears rolling down from your eyes. Seeing you like this made me... sad. "My dress is a mess now, my date turned out to be a douche, how can you tell me that this night wasn't a mess?!"

"Well..." I started, trying my best to make you feel better, "For one, you were the most stunning girl that arrived in the prom." You tried to stop yourself from crying. You looked at me and listened intently. "I mean, your hair was great, you looked amazing in that dress... Everyone was just looking at you like you were some movie star," I continued, looking at you.

You looked away.

"Then there was that dance. Out of every single performance I watched, your class was the most amazing, and you know why?" I asked you as I pulled you closer to me. "Why?" you asked. "Because you were there," I answered back, "Because you were there dancing your heart away. You were so elegant and you were amazing." You looked back up at me. "Emma," I said, as I looked at you, "You're an amazing person, okay? And you need to stop bringing yourself down like this. You deserve better than this."

You laughed a bit and glanced down before looking back up at me. "You really mean that?" you asked me, new tears forming in your eyes. "I do," I said as I wiped the tears from your eyes. "And the last thing I want to see is you crying over something so stupid, alright?"

As I got up, I heard the last song start playing. The slow dance was beginning. "You know, the night's not over yet," I said, looking back at the venue. "Would you care to dance with me?" I asked, looking back at you as I reached my hand out towards you.

You took my hand.

"I'd love to."

The End

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