Were those tears in your eyes?

"That is, if you asked me sooner," you replied to me.

"I would have said yes, but someone already asked me," you continued, looking disappointed. "I'm sorry Micheal. I'm a bit surprised though, I thought you'd ask someone like that Christine girl you told me about," you said, trying to console me.

"What are you talking about, I only said she looked cute!" I said, defensively, trying not to look like an idiot, "I never said I liked her. Besides, I like someone else," I continued. You looked away, much to my surprise. "Well, if that's the case, I'm sure you'll find someone else to go with. Don't worry, Micheal," you said with your back turned towards me.

"Well then, should we head to lunch?" you asked before walking ahead of me, glancing at me from the side. Was that a smile I saw on your face?

Two weeks later, prom happened. I still couldn't stop thinking of that day. The question I asked you, the way you reacted, that smile. I kept thinking about it so much, I ended up going to prom alone. I arrived before you did, so I went around talking to my friends.

And there you were. You came in wearing a blue dress that matched your eyes. You wore your hair down, the way I told you to because I said it would make you look amazing. I was right. The way you looked caught everyone's attention; even the cameras were pointed at you. You were the most beautiful I had ever seen you.

And it was at that moment, I realized that I was wrong. I didn't like you.

I had fallen in love with you.

But of course, you weren't alone. Soon enough, you were joined by Chris, the school's basketball MVP. I expected no less for you. And though it was painful to see you with someone else, I was happy for you.

I couldn't help but be jealous over how you went with Chris. I mean, sure, I never really asked you, and that point I realized I should have. And, of course, I highly regret not asking you in the first place.

Things were going smoothly. The dinner was great, the music was beautiful, the different classes presented the dances they were told to present. We were from different classes, so I didn't get to be your dance partner. At the same time, I was happy. I was happy because I got to see how elegant you were. You were an amazing dancer, I couldn't help but be mesmerized.

Then suddenly, somebody was shouting at someone. It was Chris's best friend. "How could you do that to her, dude?!" John was shouting at him as they stood beside the buffet table, "She was my girlfriend, you arsehole!" he continued to shout at him. The music had stopped at this point. Everyone's attention was directed at them.

"Dude, calm down, I have no idea what you're talking about!" Chris retaliated, while you were standing beside him, confused. "Chris, come on, let's go back to our table," you said as you tried to pull him away. "No, you stay out of this, Scarlet," John interjected while pointing at you. "Hey, man, keep her out of this," Chris said as he tried to get in between you two. "Yeah, well, maybe you should keep out of my relationship too!" John screamed as he threw a punch at Chris.

A fight broke out between the two. While everyone was cheering them on, you were frantically thinking of a way to make them stop. "Stop fighting!" you screamed as you grabbed Chris's arm. "Stay out of this!" he shouted back while shoving you away. You ended up landing on the table, getting food on your dress before you fell to the ground. A teacher finally got in between the two and stopped them from fighting.

"You ruined my prom night!" you screamed at Chris before running away. It was the first time I've seen you cry.

The End

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