A young man meets the love of his life that rejected him three years ago. Today, by chance, he has another chance to rekindle the love.

Long ago, a person once loved me

But unfortunately, the wind kept on blowing

Widening the gap so much farther

Finally I have another day to love you,

But it seems that, at the end of the tale

You still said,


            Among a crowded train sat an extremely bored teenaged boy. He was about seventeen, a little short, looked like he was still in middle school but wasn’t, and wore a patched-up hat atop his head. To a stranger’s eye he seemed quite normal. He sat in the common rebellious-teen-slouched-position with his feet firmly planted on the floor in a wide base, his ear buds blasted music so loud nearby passengers could hear every thumping beat of the bass, he wore extremely baggy, ripped jeans that barely clung to his hips, a black messenger bag that advertised a stereotypical punk band was slung over his shoulder, and he wore dark sunglasses that shielded his cloudy, green pupils from the public. Normal right?

            Yes, yes he was. Actually, he was so normal he was outcast for being too average.     

            The people next to him were huddled in that stereotypical gossip girl huddle; they snickered at him, held their perfectly manicured hands over their perfectly lip-glossed lips. What a pity. Beautiful lips wasted on ugly words. However, there was one. That one didn’t add a comment or an insult. That one had light brown, shoulder length hair. That one looked like an angel.

            Her brown eyes wandered around the passenger car, she checked her phone again for the time, then lazily stared at the station maps, brushed her hand through her hair, and did other time wasting things. Talking to her “friends” was not one of those things. In fact, it seemed like she was trying to drown out the sarcastic comments and harsh jokes. Her gaze eventually landed on the boy. Their eyes met, then almost immediately she broke the contact and returned her mind to the so called “friends”. She felt some heat rise to her face, hoped a slight blush didn’t show, and let a single tear drop from her golden-toffee colored eyes.

            “Things are no different now,” they both thought sadly.

            They both reminisced separately about the old play structure that isn’t there anymore, their childhood days by the pond, adventures on the hiking trail, hilarious school pranks, and the relationship that broke like that play structure.

            They were fourteen when she moved. He was fourteen when his heart broke for the first time. She didn’t want to make it harder for him. He thought she didn’t think of him in the same way. And it was there that their paths diverged in the yellow woods. He stayed north while she moved south.

            It was chance that brought them together on a train during summer break. It was chance that allowed him one more try for a broken dream. But it was fate that closed the door. She left for some foreign land while he was stuck once again with returning home broken hearted once again.

The End

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