A New FaceMature

It was about a month after the shackles had lifted. I had barely felt strong enough to say that I had moved on from the abuse that I had suffered, but I craved the freedom that I had been denied for so long. In my favourite pub, with a large group of friends, I ran into a coursemate who invited us all to join his group upstairs. 
I will always be grateful to him for that. 

I wandered up with the group and the single drink my budget would allow. Distinctly sober and a little bored, I found a comfy corner and reclined against the wall, content to just watch people for a while (a habit I still take great pleasure in doing). My eye was caught by the DJ. Dressed in a fitted dark t-shirt, he had a mowhawk that suited him down to the ground. But it was the smile that caught my eye. He barely seemed aware of it but the cheeky grin was equal parts mischief and amusement and completely compelling. When he left his booth for the bar, I noticed that the pale grey jeans he wore showed off a particularly fine rear view. This guy was off-the-charts fantasy material. Miles out of my league. To make matters more simple for me, a friend; busty, confident, quirky and funny, had also noticed and was not afraid to let me (or him) know it. 

I meandered over to the booth and basically just chatted. Aware of how little chance I had with him and of how my friend felt, I made no move to flirt or particularly show off. In fact, I don't remember saying a lot, but I do remember that he made me laugh and smile, perhaps the first honest smile I'd given in a long time. I remember leaving that night, after adding him on a certain social networking site, and just feeling happy to have met someone that I was able to share a laugh with. My guess was that I could potentially encounter him again at similar events, but nothing more. 

Three weeks and barely any conversation later, I'd all but forgotten about him. Work, uni and various preparations pushed most other things out of my mind. Until he popped up, starting a conversation that again, had me smiling and laughing as though I was any other person. One thing led to another and we had arranged a date for some drinks. It all seemed so natural in conversation that it was only later that night that it struck me. This amazing guy, who was miles out of my league and desired by more than just me had just asked me out on a date. I'll confide this in you now, dear reader, it was the first time someone had properly asked me out on a date. 

I suddenly regressed to a dizzy teenage girl for a few moments, getting all excited and fluttery for the first time in my memory. I was going on a date! And with not just any guy, but a super-sexy rock DJ with a smile that should be illegal. 

So yeah, I was a little excited to be doing this. I finally felt like I had something that was mine. 

The End

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