Good bye...

Just something for my little sister

How many times have I heard someone say "they didn't have to die" ?  What exactly do we call that... an unnecessary death?  As if some deaths are necessary?

Well, your death was unnecessary, uncalled for, surreal.  

I remember how we all used to laugh and sing, dance, even fight.  All the dinners, God so long ago can't remember your specialty.  What's happened?   Where did we all go?  

I've watched the years tear us away from each other, take each and every one in different directions, it's almost like we didn't know each other anymore.  Time is so cruel, change so hard.

You had your demons to bear.. Now you are gone, you weren't really here that long, but I think you had to go.  Those that you have left behind will suffer on, they will hurt, they will ask the hard questions, the questions that only come after the fact... could I have done more?  I don't know.

Sleep now little sister... your suffering is over, I know with all that you dealt with, you are in a better place...

Good bye Val

The End

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