The page opened, "Dear Valued Employee...

Dear Valued Employee,

We would like to put a stop to a few rumours that have been doing the round - the sort of rumours that could cause offence and or confusion.

It may have come to your attention that the lower four stories of our office building no longer exist and while this has been an inconvenience, it should not be viewed as anything more then this. The lower four stories went missing 8 days ago, slipping into a mystery vortex sometime around lunchtime and have not been seen since and while it has made getting to the remaining stories less comfortable, we have put ladders in place to facilitate easier access.

We apreciate your patience in this matter and hope that this part of the time-space continuum will correct itself as soon as possible. It has got nothing to do with our secret expriments on Aliens. Which don't exist.

Please do not feed the vortex.

Yours Scintilatingly,

Mr Hugo Hugoson

Executive Vice Like Grip

The End

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