Gone In An Instant

Lucas, with his sister, Annabelle, try to survive near the coast as they attempt to head inland, but find themselves in trouble. Areas all over have been flooded, so they then seek shelter in an abandoned building. They gather supplies, but even though they might survive, they find themselves in a large conflict, as has everyone else. The continuation of survival is a must.

June 19

    It all began after my mother’s death. The family that came to her funeral said the traditional words, “I’m sorry for your loss.” Which didn’t help, of course, it never helped. We were still grieving, and I don't know how we could live without her. It didn't help that just after that, everything else went wrong.

    Rain was pounding on the window, the sky a seemingly endless mass of gray. Dad was just flicking through the channels on the tv, when he settled on the news. If it were up to me, we would be watching something else. It seems we had started watching in the middle of a weather report. “-Storm cells covering most of Earth’s land. These are some of the largest storms in history.

    Hurricanes are predicted to cause massive flooding, possibly….um.. oh dear.” The news reporter paused, his eyes wide and attempting not to panic. Lucas and Dad exchanged a very distressed glance, the calmness dissipated from the room.  “These hurricanes are predicted to flood most islands, and destroy coastlines. While inland, tornadoes are already causing catastrophic damage.” Another pause. “Th-Thousands of people already recorded as dead…” The tv blanked out, and suddenly the roar of the wind and rain was much louder. The electricity went out. “We’re going to be okay, right?” My voice was the only thing that proved there was something alive in the dark and silent house. Neither Dad nor Lucas answered. “Go downstairs and gather things. Water, food, anything you need on a big trip.” I followed his orders, of course, rushing down stairs with Lucas following behind.

    Lucas rushed into his bedroom. “Get blankets too. Fill up as many bags as you can, Anna!”  He yelled, and I then darted into my room, grabbing an old bag of mine I used quite frequently. After a moment of debating what to take from my room, I decided to take my picture of mom. A happy photo with her bright smile, holding a teeny tiny baby me. People always said I had her smile. I stuffed it in the bottom of the bag, then grabbed the blanket off my bed. The kitchen was next. As I walked through the house, I realized the sound of the storm was louder, and only when I walked into the kitchen, I noticed a window was broken, allowing rain to pour in and blowing previously placed papers off the dining table and around the room.

    I was panicked stricken, rushing to the cold fridge and grabbing water and other things from there. Then I ransacked the cabinets, choosing not to get the canned green beans. I hate green beans. The wind blew my hair, and the rain made me get wet as I raced past the window, seeing Dad loaded with old bags he quickly found around the house standing by the door. “Lucas!” He called. “Coming!” Came an almost drowned out reply. Lucas came through the hallway, and Dad opened the door, running to the car.

    Why the car? Water was flooding already, and I know water was already flooding some parts of the bottom level of the house, too. I know what hurricanes look like. It almost seemed like Hurricane Ike, which I had learned about and studied in school last semester. I remember it was the most devastating hurricane in Texas recent history, and it took hundreds of lives. I hope no one dies in this storm.  

    Yet, I followed him anyways, Lucas already reaching the car and opening the door. He shoved the bags in, as I did next. I was pushed hurriedly in the back by Lucas, and I was squashed by bags all around. Dad looked around, a worried look in his eyes as he looked back at the house. “Hang on, I have to go get something!” Lucas leaned over to his seat. “Dad!” He shouted, and Dad turned back, telling him something I couldn’t hear. Lucas looked anxious. “I can’t!” Before he could say anything else, Dad was gone, running back to the house.

    We waited for him, hearing crashes from inside the house, things breaking, I thought. Minutes passed in what seemed like an eternity. Lucas started the car and climbed over the seat to the driver’s seat. “What are you doing?” I asked, but he didn’t answer. I couldn’t see his face from where I was, but he started the car. “Why are we leaving Dad?” He still wasn’t speaking. “Lucas! Stop!” He didn’t. We kept driving in the torrents of rain.


June 20

    “We’ll meet up with Dad later, he’ll find us.” Lucas always says. He’s not fooling me, I can tell. His expression and the way he acts when I ask about where he thinks Dad is. I understand. I know now.

Dad’s dead.

June 21

    The storms have cleared mostly, but as we travel in the car we see the damage. The only places i’ve counted that were standing were four buildings. One was a bright yellow house, I wonder if a family used to live in that yellow house. A small family with a yellow house and probably a pet, a dog? I like dogs. That family had a mom and a dad and a son and a daughter. They loved their life, and were happy.

I miss my parents.


June 26

  The car ran out of gas. Guess we’re traveling on foot now. I haven’t wrote in a few days. Sometimes I wonder what time it is, but Lucas tries to guess. Lucas won’t let me carry many bags, even if we left some in the car. So I’m in charge of two bags. I wonder where we’re going? Lucas won’t tell me, but maybe that’s because he doesn’t know, either.


June 27

We found an old store that was in an okay state. We took shelter there. For once since this started, I know Lucas is sleeping. I had to carry three bags today, but I didn’t mind. It took me a while to even get him to consider carrying another bag, though. He was tired, I can tell. Also, I found a flashlight! That’s how I’m writing. I don’t think Lucas would like it if he found out I’m using up the batteries, but I won’t use it for long.


July 1

July! I know that ‘cause I have a calendar at the front of my journal. It’s handy in the apocalypse. Lucas’ birthday is coming up. July 20th. I don’t think it’s on his mind right now though, he’s been quiet for the day. I saw him last night, he found my picture of mom. She made us cakes every birthday, I wonder how she would have made this one.


July 4

    Independance Day. We ate some of the fruit I had grabbed, a treat considering I was very quickly growing sick of canned vegetables each day. Lucas was normal for a while, cracking horrible jokes about fruit and vegetables, like the old Lucas would do. We smiled and laughed. It was nice, considering the circumstances.


July 9

    Lucas isn’t letting me see our food supply, but I know he isn’t eating as much as I am. I try to get him to eat, but he always says he isn’t hungry. I know we are quickly running low on food. And with almost every building gone, it’s hard find food.

July 13

    We were walking again (what’s new?). You know what was weird? We saw a person. Another person! Just sitting by a dead car, some supplies strewn around him. He didn’t have much. No food, strangely. For a second I thought we were the only people out here. We approached him...we shouldn’t have. “Hello?” The man took notice of us, particularly our bags. He stood, very slowly. I don’t know what we were expecting. Him to just help us, bring us somewhere safe with food and supplies? No. He pulled out a shiny weapon that glinted in the sunlight, and I remember Dad had one too. A gun. Does Lucas have it now? Probably not. Was this man going to hurt us? He raised the gun. “Give me your supplies. Now. Or one of you dies.” Lucas stood there, stiffly. “Go away Anna.” The man raised his gun to me. “C’mon kid. I don’t want to shoot.” Lucas moved forward, and I can still hear the echo of the gunshot that was aimed for me. Lucas took it. He’s gone.

    After the man shot my brother and killed him, I lost it. Before he died he said to me. “ I...love you Anna,” which only made it worse. Lucas took the bullet for me, I should be the one to die. The man with the gun quickly took his little supplies and ran away. I stayed, crying, watching his dead body, I was paralyzed. I was finally able to get myself to stand, soon I was running. I ran as far away from there as I could, anything to get the sight of Lucas’ body out of my head.


July 15

    I don’t have any food left. That man took all of it. I kept some of the things in my bag, though, but luckily (haha) I didn’t have the food bag. I’m alone. I’m going to die, like the rest of my family. I won’t survive much longer without supplies. Lucas always protected me. I’m remembering all the food I left at our home.

Wishing I could have it now. I wish I could eat some green beans.


August 24

    It’s been more than a month since I’ve written, however, I’ve been busy. I was able to find a society that was built before the storms even happened. Just in time for me. They have protected farms to provide food for it’s people, shelter, and education. I guess the doomsday preppers came in handy!


August 25

    After talking with some of the local scientists and people, I have discovered that the cause of the storms didn’t have to do with weather. Everything happened because the sun absorbed most of it’s hydrogen quicker than expected, which is its fuel source. When this happens, the Sun expands into a red giant, so heat from the sun evaporated an excessive amount of water, feeding the storms. I’ve also chosen to become an Astronomist to find a way to help dampen the effects of the solar issue, in honor of my Mother, my Father, and my brother, Lucas. I dedicate this journal to them, I love them, and always will.

The End

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