III. Time Capsule

The house was cold. The air conditioner must have been cranked as high as it could go. The weather outside wasn’t hot enough for this extreme of a temperature. The house smelt pleasant and only the sunlight streaming through the tiny windows lit the place. It was comfortable at best and organized well. It was home.

I peered out the window at the clouds slowly rolling in, a storm was threatening to unleash itself upon the city. I headed to the basement where my old bedroom used to be. Now all in contained was a pull out couch and an old computer.

“We’ll be moving all your stuff back in this week…” My dad’s voice from behind.

“I really didn’t want something like this to be the reason I had to move back home.” I admitted.

He left the room and I finally had a moment to myself. I sat on the couch and relaxed myself. The vision of whatever I saw was still fresh in my mind. Maybe my mind was just playing tricks on me. I hoped that within a few days I’d be back to normal. Try to get my job back, find a new place to live- get on with life.

I’m abruptly woken from a deep sleep by a crack of thunder directly above the house. Lightening illuminates the small room I’m in. In between flashes I catch a glimpse of the clock. It’s just before eleven and I’m feelings antsy. I had been sleeping too much and now my energy level was at a peak.

I slipped on a black zip-up hoodie, pulled the hood over my head and slipped out the front door as quietly as possible. The evening rain was heavy, but felt refreshing. I could feel the static in the air moments before every flash of lightening and the rolls of thunder seemed to make the trees shiver.

The streets were dark, nothing was open at this time of night. At least not in this part of town. I was surrounded by auto shops, thrift stores and tiny grocery stores. I hardly noticed the small red car pull up behind me.

“Devin, is that you?” somebody calls out to me through the rain, the car is driving at my slow pace. I’m not threatened, the voice is soft.

“Who’s asking?” I say not stopping or glancing over at the driver.

“My name is Jenny, we met at that party last weekend. I had a feeling you’d be in the area. I don’t know why. I think I was the last person to see you before you went missing.” she says. “Please just stop and get in, I really need to tell you something that’s been making me crazy all week.”

“I usually don’t do this.” I say as I stop and open the door to the passenger side of the car, “But I’ve had a strange feeling since becoming conscience again.” I laugh.

She doesn’t say anything a long while and drives down the road a pulls over and watches the lightshow. She takes a deep breath, “Do you remember anything from the party?”

“Nothing. Just a lot of restless nights since.”

“Someone named Dillon Brakswood introduced us. I’d never seen him or met him, neither had anyone else that was around.” She says as she reaches over to turn the radio from background noise to silent.

“Okay…” I say, urging her on.

“We hit it off well and he approached us, making us an offer to make our night even more wild.” She says, a slight grin on her face.

“Then what happened?”

“He handed us two pills. It didn’t cross my mind about the consequences about taking something from a random guy at a party, but it had been such an awesome night.”

“I wouldn’t usually consider it either, I guess.” I say, scratching my head.

“He said they were called ‘Time Capsules’ and were ‘on the house’ with promises of us feeling like we were transcending time, you know, make the night seem like it was lasting forever.” I hear a shift in her voice, she’s getting worked up.

“I’m assuming we took them then.”

“We did, then we got in your car and drove to a nearby field to listen to music and take a breather from the party.” Her voice grew increasingly shaky.

“Well what happened?” I asked, she had my attention and I wanted to know why she hadn’t told anyone I was unconscious in a field nearby the whole time.

“Well… you’re going to think I’m crazy,” she says, her eyes glisten over and she begins to cry a bit. She turns to me, “You started to talk about how you were feelings really messed up. I on the other hand, didn’t feel anything at all. Just drunk.”

“Then I slipped into a coma, or what?” I say, thinking the explanation was clear, “Then you just ran away scared that I was dead and didn’t want to deal with any consequences?”

“No!” She snaps, and cries harder, “It was nothing like that…”

“Then what was it?” I ask, angry.

The thunder is deafening at this point, the lightshow constant. The car rocks in the wind and I pull my hood down to get a good look at her. I want to jump out of that car and just leave. Forget everything that had happened and get on with life. Things were certainly heading down the drain fast.

“You…” She says, “You said you were getting really high, and then you just faded.”


“You disappeared.” She says, crying and obviously confused, “You started to become transparent and then… you were just… gone.”

The End

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